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Three tips let you far away from the false and inferior ceramic tile!

by:JIABANG     2020-05-06
< p > ceramic tile products due to the design and color is rich, species diversity, adornment effect is good, with acid, alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, such as performance, is a type of the adornment material that is commonly used in domestic adornment. So, people in the choose and buy is very concerned about the quality. And inferior ceramic tile products generally has the following three aspects: the characteristics of the ceramic tile of choose and buy when the reference.

( 1) On the shape, size deviation. < / p > < p > for this kind of product of pottery and porcelain glazed tile, granite floor tiles is to allow the size deviation request, this is to ensure flat-fell seam after the shop is stuck in ceramic tile, decorative surface linear structured. In order to guarantee the metope after adornment straight, avoid uneven, glazed tile must also meet the requirements of verticality, smoothness. And inferior ceramic tile products, have larger deviation on the shape and size, do not conform to the requirements of the outdoor ceramic tile product quality, and use effect seriously affect adornment effect. < / p > < p > < / p > < p > ( 2) The surface quality is poor. < / p > < p > ceramic tile products are based on its surface quality hierarchy. If ceramic tile surface pore, cave, appearance defects such as color, will have serious effects on adornment effect, so consumer visual observation of the appearance of the ceramic tile products quality first, if you have the above questions, do not have to change of choose and buy products. ( 3) Physical and chemical performance indicators is unqualified. < / p > < p > as a outdoor ceramic tile products, people more attention to their decorative performance ( Including the appearance quality, dimension deviation, deformation, color, etc. ) , but in order to ensure after shop sticks ceramic tile products use for a long time to keep its unique decorative effect, ceramic tile products must have certain physical and chemical properties, such as water absorption, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, thermal shock resistance, crack resistance, etc. And inferior ceramic tile product may its appearance quality is good, but a variety of physical and chemical performance is unqualified, users to buy after the shop is stuck, use will soon appear problem such as craze, off the glaze, seriously affect the use effect, caused great waste. The physical and chemical performance index is also qualified people do not take an indicator, is also easy to muddle through. So the pottery and porcelain of choose and buy when remind you must polish your eyes, don't be false and inferior product of pottery and porcelain into your home!
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