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Click clack deck tile, more possibilities


Click clack deck tile, more possibilities


Nowadays, most people will use innovative decking tile to decorate their home flooring. The beauty of deck tiles is visible to the naked eye.

 Every detail and each pattern of click clack tile, lively perform the natural beauty.  When we do renovation, we might have entanglement:  there are so many life style of decking tile, how should we choose the right one?

 Different from the space.

Different space, have different requirement for decking tile.  For example,  we usually use comfortable solid wood tile for outdoor good lighting patio, it make you feel cozy and quiet.

Daily activities area, having kids at home, should choose better wear resistance flooring, suitable hardness, good touch feeling. Water resistance decking tile ,is fit for bathroom and kitchen.

Different from Color

The color of decking tile will affect the senses of visual space. Bright and warm color have the expansion effect. On the contrary, cool and dark colors have the compression effect.

Before you select the deck tile, you should measure the size of the area. If it’s a small place, should use bright and light color decking tile. Dark color decking tile, like grey slate stone tile, more suitable for big areas, bring you a calm and stable feeling.


Different from furniture

Beside wall, flooring has great ratio in vision. If matching with light color furniture, you will have more color option in decking tile. However, if most of the furniture is dark color, suggest not using dark color deck tile in case of too faint for whole area, that will lose the warm ness and softness.


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