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What kind of decking tiles are good?

What kind of decking tiles are good?


Decking tile is one of the indispensable home decoration products. It is not only a variety of types, a full range of colors, but also has the characteristics of wear resistance, dirt resistance, waterproof, anti-skid, etc., so it is widely recognized and welcomed by everyone. So what kind of decking tile is better? Below we recommend 7 commonly used decking tiles for everyone, I hope you will like it.

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Which is better for decking tiles:

1. Glazed tiles

Literally, glazed tiles are coated with a layer of glaze on the surface of the decking tiles, which can make the surface of the decking tiles smoother and brighter, and it is also easier to clean. In addition, it has the characteristics of low water absorption and strong stain resistance, so it is widely used in home life.

2. Whole brick

There is no layer of glaze on the surface of the whole brick, so it has the characteristics of anti-slip and abrasion resistance, so it is very suitable for use in anti-slip places. It is widely used in toilets and other public places. Families with children and the elderly may wish to consider.

3. Polished tiles

The surface of the polished tiles has been polished and has the characteristics of wear resistance and strong hardness, so it is widely used in home life. But when choosing a product, you must choose a big brand product, so that the quality is more guaranteed.

4. Vitrified brick

Vitrified brick is the strongest of all decking tiles, not only has good decorative effect, but also has the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof, wear-resistant, easy to clean, etc. Therefore, it is favored and liked by consumers.

5. Marble brick

Marble tiles are not only good in wear resistance, but also very cheap in cost, so they are widely used on stairs. However, its color is relatively monotonous, it is difficult to match, and it is not suitable for people who require furniture.

6. Matte brick

Matte bricks are literally interpreted as decking tiles with relatively low brightness. They are not only very good-looking, but also have the characteristics of wear resistance and high hardness. Therefore, they are favored and liked by everyone.

7. Printed tiles

Printed tiles are literally interpreted as patterns on the decking tiles, which are divided into roller printing, screen printing, inkjet printing, etc., so they can meet the needs of different consumers.

How to choose the right decking tile?

1. Glazed tiles

Glazed tiles are ceramic tiles whose surface is glazed at high temperature and high pressure. The presence of the glazed surface can increase the beauty of the ceramic tile and play a good anti-fouling role.

The room decorated with glazed tiles and the glazed floor are both beautiful and stylish.

2. Whole brick

The whole brick has good anti-skid and wear resistance, most of the so-called "anti-skid decking tiles" are all through bricks. At present, as interior design is more and more inclined to plain design, the whole brick is becoming more and more fashionable.

For families with elderly and children in their homes, this one is more suitable. Its anti-slip and wear resistance can be used to the extreme.

3. Polished tiles

The surface of the polished tiles is polished and has the characteristics of hardness and wear resistance. It is suitable for use in indoor spaces such as toilets and kitchens. Based on the use of flower infiltration technology, polished tiles can make a variety of stone-like, wood-like effects.

Polished tiles are derived from the natural atmosphere, noble texture and timeless classic colors and patterns, which are exposed in the overall structure of the room.

4. Vitrified brick

Vitrified brick is the strongest one among the decking tiles. It has good decorative effect, and has the advantages of moisture resistance, wear resistance and easy cleaning.

The floor of vitrified brick is like a large mirror on the ground, showing the delicate and even texture of the glass between the square inches.

5. Marble brick

Marble tiles have better abrasion resistance and cheaper construction costs. They are widely used in public places.

The floor made of marble tiles is more simple and natural, and the marble texture should be full between square inches.

6. Matte brick

The matt brick is a full ceramic tile with high hardness and wear resistance. It is not prone to surface damage and stable performance for long-term use. It is mainly used in the living room floor and bathroom wall.

The matt brick floor is relatively simple. In the case of strong light, the matt brick can play the role of low light.

7. Printed tiles

Generally, printed tiles will be printed with some colorful, lovely and exquisite patterns, which are more beautifully decorated. It can be used not only on the floor, but also as a wall tile.

The printed bricks are affixed to the wall or the ground to add color to the monotonous space, change the overall atmosphere of the room, and create a refreshing feeling.

Decking tile cleaner method

1. When cleaning the decking tiles at home, detergents and washing powders are used more frequently. In fact, we can use soap and a little turpentine mixture to clean the tiles to make the tiles more shiny. The stubborn dust, oil smoke and water stains formed by the bathroom wall tiles and countertops for a long time are cleaned with the Shield King full effect decontamination king. If the black metal scratches appear on the brick surface, they can be wiped off.

2. For the phenomenon of cracks in the decking tiles in the home, it is best not to use the Shield King Descaling King to remove the dirt, first use a waterproof agent to remedy, which can prevent mold growth. Contaminants such as tea, ink, coffee, beer, ice cream, grease and other contaminants appear on the decking tiles. You can also use the Shield King full effect decontamination king to clean. For cement pollutant, caulking agent scale, lime scale, rust and other decoration pollutants, use Shield King Descaling King for cleaning, and paint, paint and other pollutants use special cleaners.

3. If it is rust, you can also use the shield king descaling king, spray it on the area to be cleaned in appropriate amount, and then wait for a minute or two, then use the scouring pad to scrub. After removing the decking tiles for a long time, a layer of dirt will form, and the surface looks dark. This stain is relatively stubborn and can be cleaned with the Shield King full effect decontamination king. In addition, the decking tiles should be waxed regularly, and the time interval is preferably 2-3 months. It is recommended to use Dunwang anti-fouling nursing wax.

Self-made decking tile cleaner method

1. Then some people may use their own cleaning agents when cleaning the decking tiles, so we can learn it first, prepare water, washing powder, alcohol, white vinegar, flour and other household daily necessities. Take half a bottle of water and use the bottle cap as a measuring cup. Pour one bottle of washing powder, four bottle of white vinegar, three bottle of alcohol and half bottle of flour into the bottle. Cover tightly and shake the water in the bottle, then inject washing powder, white vinegar, medical alcohol and flour in sequence. After mixing and shaking, the water is milky white. A layer of foam about 2 cm floats on the surface of the water, and part of the flour settles on the bottom of the bottle, smelling of a faint soap fragrance.

2. When using it, you can choose a more oily stained area in the home kitchen for experimentation, and then spray the adjusted homemade cleaner on another tile stained with oil. Then soak a cotton rag and wear plastic gloves to wipe the stained tiles continuously, probably wiped them two or three times, and found that the yellowed tiles restored their original colors. If the oil stains accumulate for too long, they will be removed after a few more wipes. The effect is no different from the cleaner.

Relevant knowledge about decking tiles is introduced here, we will have more exciting content.

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