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What’s the water absorption of ceramic tile?

What’s the water absorption of ceramic tile?


What’s the water absorption of ceramic tile?

According to the national testing standards for ceramic tiles, ceramic tiles are classified into porcelain tiles (water absorption E≤.5%), fine stoneware tiles (water absorption 3%≤E≤6%), stoneware tiles (water absorption 6%≤E≤10%), ceramic tiles (water absorption rate above 10%), etc. The inspection method should be tested by pouring water on the back of the brick body.

The water absorption rate of ceramic tiles is related to the breaking strength, abrasion resistance and gloss performance. Generally speaking, the lower the water absorption rate of the ceramic tile, the better the ceramic tile, the correspondingly higher product strength, better wear resistance and gloss performance, and the product is less likely to crack or peel off. The tiles with high water absorption rate will cause cracks on the surface of the tiles and peeling off of the overall tiles after thermal expansion and contraction. This is especially important when choosing tiles for bathroom tiles.


There is also a simple method to judge the water absorption rate. The water absorption rate is also called the water seepage rate. The simplest test method is to drop some water on the tiles to do an experiment. After a few minutes, wipe off the water marks on the surface of the tiles. If nothing remains Traces prove that the water absorption rate of the tiles is very low. If there are water marks on the tiles, the water absorption rate of the tiles is high.


The ceramic series of click clack deck tiles, use the ceramic tile with low water absorption. The tile body has high stability, is not easy to break, and is more durable. The high-quality ceramic tiles are equipped with a new PE material base, which is convenient for installation. It is the preferred floor for outdoor places such as gardens, terraces, and balconies.

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