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What kinds of outdoor tiles?

What kinds of outdoor tiles?


Outdoor tiles are a type of product that we can see everywhere, and outdoor tiles have a wide range of use in our lives, making great contributions to our lives. Then you know what are the species of outdoor tiles? Next, JiaBang outdoor tile manufacturer introduce common types of outdoor tiles.

Types of outdoor tiles

 1. Outdoor tile screen is not high, the texture is also rough, easy to hide dust, outdoor tiles, plazas, lawn bricks, etc.

 2. Square bricks are divided into supermarket bricks for ordinary square bricks, roofs.

 3. Ordinary square bricks are equipped with blind bricks and stop bricks, usually yellow, gray and black. Because of its super non-slip, wear-resistant and decorated beauty, widely used in leisure squares, municipal engineering, supermarket stores, 4S shops, garden green, roof appearance, garden balcony and more traffic. It has the characteristics of non-slip, wear resistant, beautiful, and convenient to repair. It is the ideal ground, roof decoration materials for modern urban construction.

 4. The lawn brick can be pre-subprogrammed into a variety of specifications, colors, set up various patterns as needed, assembled into different patterns, beautiful than cement floor, and reduce the glare phenomenon generated by ground reflectance, reduce the reflection of ground radiation, reduce Transfer of the ground layer heat gas. Lawn bricks are widely used in urban road transformation, park construction, community greening, etc.

 How to shop outdoor tiles?

 1. Find the tile color, pattern and other test numbers according to design drawings or design requirements. Select a tile having defective. This will prepare the work in advance.

 2. After the outdoor tile is present, it needs to be organized, classified, and remember to place a safe position to avoid damage.

 3. Before the laying of outdoor tiles, soak, so as to avoid the absorption of the absorption of the water in the cement, it is tight cracking.

 4. the ground needs to use a spoon or water pipe, and the ground base layer is wet. During this job, it reduces dust. It also allows the ground to absorb part of the moisture. Will not produce water shortage.

 5. then, it is the stirring of the cement pad layer. The volume ratio of cement sand in laying outdoor tiles is good at 1: 5, and the sprinkle is mixed. The thickness should be taken 3 cm. The bonding layer and the tile should be paved with the tiles, and the paving is appropriate to use cement slurry or dry pair of mud water to bond.

 6. After the outdoor tiles are touched with cement oil, they should be hit by rubber hammers, and they can meet the standards of the level. Remember, cement oil must be grinded, otherwise it will be easy to lane tiles.

 7. the surface of the outdoor tile surface layer is treated with water in half an hour after the post is passed, and the seam width of the outdoor porcelain plate should meet the design requirements, and the seam width should not be greater than 2 mm. Unless there is design requirements. Antique bricks are also considered.

outdoor tile

Outdoor tile purchase method

1. look at the quality of the outdoor tile

It is very important to make a house decoration, and the quality of the renovation material is very important, mainly because the purchase price of the house is relatively high, and the renovation process of the house is also troublesome. Choosing a high-quality outdoor tile can not only make the decoration effect look better, but also protect the quality of repair. Therefore, the stability and durability of outdoor tiles is the most worthy of attention when performing external outer tiles.

2. look out the style of the outdoor tile

Nowadays, there are many outdoor tiles in the market, some of which have a strong outdoor tiles that have gradually exited our sight. Mainly, because the maintenance effect of this type of outdoor tile is shortly, so many other types of outdoor tiles are gradually income into our sight. More popular outdoor tiles are jujube red tiles, or there can be brown, and some people choose some shallow color. But no matter how choice, you need to coordinate with the environment and overall decoration of the entire house, so you can get a good effect.

3. color difference between the outdoor tile

The color difference of the outdoor tiles is related to the renovation of the house. It is not a batch of products, and even a batch of products may have a problem of color difference. Therefore, in the process of purchasing, we must sampling each packaging product, mainly to place the outdoor tile in the same model or the same variety outdoor tile, observe its color difference. Good color difference is very small, the color between the products is basically consistent, the color is very bright, the color photo is large, and the difference in color difference is large, and the color of the product is different.

4. level of outdoor tiles

Outdoor tiles are also a certain level, mainly divided into one level, second-class products, and third-class products. Because the difference between different levels of outdoor tiles is very large, we must compare seriously. In addition, when purchasing, be sure to pay attention to the identity, specifications, color number on the outdoor tile and the box, the product certificate, the trademark is clear.

5. see flatness

The national standard specified in the outdoor tiles of ± 0.4mm, but we can only use the eyes to see the flatness when buying outdoor tiles, as long as it looks a brick that is deformable, no matter whether it is superior to exceeding the standard, it will be considered unqualified products. In order to specify ± 0.4 mm internal control indicators, the outdoor tiles produced by this specified, which can meet our requirements from the naked eye.

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