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Why are ceramic tiles becoming more and more popular?

Why are ceramic tiles becoming more and more popular?


Ceramic tile is widely used in our daily life. Now it is more and more popular. But do you know why ceramic tile is becoming more and more popular? Jiabang ceramic tile manufacturer to introduce the reasons for the popularity of ceramic tiles.

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Ceramic tile more and more popular advantage

1. Warm textures

The new ceramic surface material makes the ceramic surface warm and thick. The surface fabric is similar to granite and the composition of marble is similar, but it is better than ordinary stone in terms of material hardness and acid resistance.

2. Imitation of stone

Permeable ink-jet ink, the introduction of color materials in the fabric, digital ink-jet penetration technology, three-dimensional rendering lifelike stone texture.

3. Full porcelain feel

The ceramic tile adopts new technology and technique, and develops all-porcelain one-time cloth technology, so that the product has the sense of heavy weight and the accuracy of appearance.

Choose the method of polishing ceramic tile

1, look: look at the tile color float uniformity, surface finish, take out four or five pieces of brick from a box, wear glasses (if your vision is more than 1.5 do not have to) to see whether there is color difference, deformation, lack of edges and other defects.

2, knock: tap ceramic tile body with hard objects, the more crisp the sound, the higher the glass change degree, the better the quality, you can also left thumb, index finger and middle finger clamp one corner, easy to hang down. Gently hit the lower part with the right index finger, if the voice is clear and pleasant, it is very OK, if the voice is dull and stagnant, of course not OK.

3. drop: colored water droplets (such as ink) drop on the front of the tile, let it stand for a minute and wipe it with a warm cloth. If the brick surface has traces, it means that dirt is absorbed into the brick. If brick face is still bright if mirror, indicate ceramic tile does not absorb dirty. Easy to clean, good brick quality.

4. quantity: the higher the accuracy of the ceramic tile side length, the better the effect of the shop paste, buy high-quality ceramic tile is not only easy to construct, but also can save time and auxiliary. Measure the size of each tile with a tape measure whether there is a difference around the high accuracy for the top grade.

5. delimit: ceramic tile with good hardness, strong toughness, not easy to break rotten for the best. Scratch each other with the edges and corners of ceramic tiles, check the broken fragments at the broken marks is dense or loose, is brittle, hard or loose, soft, is to leave scratches, or scattered powder, such as the former is good, the latter is bad.

How to sell ceramic tiles?

1. Vigorous publicity

Wine fragrance is also afraid of deep alley, propaganda is an important part can not be ignored. Because advertising, sometimes can not directly bring benefits and the cost of advertising is sometimes relatively high, so many dealers feel it is not necessary.

In fact, publicity is very important. There are many kinds of advertising. What is used in the ceramic tile industry is to erect billboards, wall advertisements, media advertisements, mobile car advertisements, etc. In the consumer to see more of the situation, the heart is familiar with the default after your product is good. This is why in some cities, the second-tier ceramic brands sell higher prices than the first-line ceramic brands, and the sales volume is also large.

2: Sales major

In the selection of a good location, publicity to do the position, passenger flow will slowly increase. Light increase is not good, the customer that enters the store must seize. So professional is especially important, they should continue to learn, such as to participate in the ceramic fair, join the ceramic learning group, there are clerks also need training. No matter from sales language or communication skills need to slowly explore a set of methods suitable for their own.

3: Stable supply

Appropriate updates to supplement the product must be done. But in the absence of special circumstances, do not frequently replace ceramic tile manufacturers, frequent replacement of ceramic tile manufacturers bring a lot of goods, each manufacturer's product attributes are not the same, the quality is uneven, easy to bring customers unstable products.

4: good word of mouth

Speak good faith, heavy quality, maintain a good word of mouth, word of mouth is greater than all marketing.

The above is Jiabang ceramic tile manufacturer to summarize the ceramic tile knowledge, more ceramic tiles are welcome to contact Jiabang!

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