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How to lay the outdoor tiles?

How to lay the outdoor tiles?


Outdoor tile is a kind of product that can be seen everywhere in our life. Outdoor tile has been widely used in our life, making great contributions to our life. It needs to pay attention to all aspects in building outdoor tiles. Next, learn how to paste outdoor tiles together with Jiabang Outdoor tile Suppliers.

How to pave outdoor tiles

1. Find out the colors and patterns of outdoor tiles according to the design drawings or requirements. Select flawed outdoor tiles. So as to prepare for the work ahead of time.

2. After arriving, we need to arrange and categorize them, and remember to put them in a safe place to avoid damage.

3. Soak before laying, lest the absorption rate of outdoor tile causes water in cement to be absorbed and tighten and crack.

4. The ground needs to be wet with a spoon or pipe. For this job, reduce dust. It also lets the ground absorb some of the water. There will be no water shortage.

5. Next, the cement pad is stirred. The volume ratio of laying outdoor tile cement sand is about 1:5, sprinkling water and stirring evenly, and the thickness is about 3cm. Combined layer and outdoor tile should be piecewise paving at the same time, paving timely use cement slurry or dry paving mud sprinkler for bonding.

After you touch the cement oil, you should use the glue hammer to beat it slowly to reach the standard of the level. Remember, cement oil must be smooth, otherwise easy future outdoor tile empty drum.

The surface of the surface layer shall be cleaned, smooth and solid with water cloth within half an hour after sticking; The width of the seam between porcelain plates should meet the design requirements. The width of the seam should not be more than 2mm. Unless there is a design requirement. Archaize brick considers additionally.

outdoor tile

Cautions for Building Outdoor Tile:

1: When applying outdoor tiles, the cement should be filled a little, and the amount of cement on all sides of the surface should be the same, so as to ensure that the pasted outdoor tiles will stick firmly and no empty drums will occur. Once finished, tap outdoor tile on the surface with a special hammer to test for empty drums.

2. Make sure that the tiles are flat and correct: After being pasted, experienced teachers will pound Outdoor tiles with plastic hammer to timely control the surface flatness of tiles. Otherwise, it will be too late to adjust when the cement is dry. Error: did not pay attention to adjust in time, bring about of the shop not level off enough, edge place is a little bit taller, get shower room also had to follow "be out of shape"!

Vertical measurement is correct: every few tiles should be measured carefully to ensure that all tiles stick to the wall like a large piece of glass. Mistake: This was too obvious for some poor craftsmen. Outdoor tile's cracks were too far apart. It is estimated that the tiles were pasted when they were brought, and there was no observation on outdoor tile's size and appearance.

Correct: After the tiles are pasted, the outer edges and walls of the tiles are filled with cement, and the tiles are also glued more firmly. Mistake: Compared with the previous one, the master mason of this house was too careless! The edge and wall must not have been filled with cement, so it accidentally bumped and a small piece of outdoor tile fell off the edge!

For more information about outdoor ceramic tile, you are welcome to contact Jiabang Outdoor tile Suppliers.

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