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Analysis of common issues in the use of wood plastic composite flooring (WPC floor)

Analysis of common issues in the use of wood plastic composite flooring (WPC floor)


Analysis of common issues in the use of wood plastic composite flooring (WPC floor)


A generation of wood plastic composite (WPC) products will add organic toners in the processing engineering to make the apparent color richer; in the actual application process, wood-plastic materials and their products generally have a slight fading. The degree of fading and the speed of fading mainly depend on: ①The quality of the toner; ②The matching degree of the carrier material (HDPE plastic, plant fiber) and the toner. For example, the lighter the color of plant fiber and HDPE plastic is, the better. The second-generation co-extrusion wood-plastic products are more durable than ordinary wood-plastic products, because the surface materials are chemically modified or the surface materials are directly replaced with special engineering plastics such as PE5000S or sarin resin. The degree of fading in a year is less than 4°, that is, it is invisible to the naked eye.


The cracking of wood-plastic products must be a quality problem of wood-plastic products under the removal of human factors. Generally speaking, the cracking of wood-plastic products has the following reasons: ①The production speed is too fast; ②The extrusion process is not enough; ③The ratio of coupling agent used is too low or not added at all; ④The proportion of plant fiber is too high.


1)The reason of WPC products bended when they are not installed: ① process quality control is ignored during the production process; ② unreasonable stacking.

2)The reason for Wood-plastic floor bended after installation: ① non-professional installation or installation and use not in accordance with standard installation methods; ② cutting corners. 3. Hollow plastic wood is easier to deform than solid wood.

The surface hardness of the first-generation wood plastic composite products is insufficient and scratches are easy to occur. In this case, only sandpaper is required. The second-generation co-extruded WPC products are more wear-resistant and harder than the first-generation wood-plastic products. So there is no need to worry about wear.

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