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Cost effective floor


Wood floor, laminated floor, plastic floor... how should we choose from so many types of floor?


Nowadays, more and more consumers have a clear pursuit of selecting floor what they like. They will also consider the design and color of the floor. With the demand of individual home decoration, "deck tile" that are different from traditional floors have been attracting more and more people.


Choose excellent materials

Click Clack tile, based on natural materials. The wood grain texture of the wood deck tile is clearly visible, the stone deck tile is delicate and warm,  the color of the artificial turf is natural and comfortable. All in all, click clack tile create a unique appearance of each floor.


The deck tile is spread on the balcony courtyard, and the natural atmosphere could integrate into life, and the body or mind are cultivated in the artistic conception of returning to innocence. The garden is full of natural feel, and the exhaustion of a day's work is immediately dissipated. 


Exquisite craftsmanship

The base of the Click Clack tile adopts a brand-new environmental-friendly PE plastic base, and the surface material and the base are firmly bonded by a special adhesive developed by Click Clack.


The product is not easy to fall off or move, durable and stable. Round edge design prevents any risk to hurt feet and hands, distinctly functional and practical, deeply improve installation and usage protective performance.

In your home, it is not only the role of home decoration, but also the  kids’ security! A non-slip mat, protect the safety of the elderly and children.


Assemble at will

You can create any patterns by yourself, and enrich your home style as your wish. It will not be too monotonous, and improve your home appearance instantly.  

Click Clack tile -such a floor that combines beauty and practicability, why not choose it? 


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