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Look!How Jiabang do the live show


LookHow Jiabang do the live show

With the holding of the 127th Canton Fair, Jiabang, as one of the leading manufacturer of decking tiles, also tried to do the live show for the first time. Let's see how Jiabang do the live show?

Jiabang has more than 15 series of decking tiles, such as solid wood, WPC, natural stone, artificial grass, ceramic, rubber, PP, solar light, etc. In order to let the customers understand our products more intuitively, Jiabang arranged a total of 14 live shows in Facebook as following schedule.       

We have also done some  destructive test, such as waterproof, fireproof, load-bearing, wear-resistant tests and so on, so that our customers can know the differences between Jiabang’s  product quality, functions, etc. with other brands


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Surely, Jiabang will invest many resources to develop the new goods. And our new goods for this year are co-extrusion and PVC WPC, PP and Fancy woodemic decking tiles as following pictures. You may like it very much!ponent

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