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What error can ceramic decking tile choose and buy have?

What error can ceramic decking tile choose and buy have?


Decking tile of ceramic wall and wall is building project and living in decorate very important in, also be the commonest adornment material, but because a lot of consumer is opposite decking tile understanding is less, there are a few erroneous areas to be able to exist in choose and buy so, need us to try to explain and guide. Join Jiabang Decking Tile Suppliers to learn about common mistakes when buying tiles.

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Decking tile choose and buy has 5 erroneous zone

1: Polishing brick is not skid proof

Because the surface flatness of polished brick and gloss are taller, a lot of people can think its anti-skid performance is very poor, this is an error of understanding to polished brick. Actually, non-slip performance of polishing brick is better, the more water, will feel more and more dry feet, because the vamp and brick surface is smooth, the moisture on the brick can make both close contact, have very good slide effect, such as two pieces of glass in the middle after adding water, it is difficult to separate them, so the polishing brick can also be used to hutch defends a space.

2: The thicker the decking tile, the better

About the thickness problem of decking tile, at present the country has not come on stage unified mandatory standard, decide by the enterprise oneself commonly, so thick with thin and cannot serve as the only standard that distinguishes ceramic tile quality stand or fall.

Although, no strict rules on the thickness of the decking tile in national standard, but in the water absorption and fracture strength and rupture modulus has a regulation, the quality of ceramic tile, the final decision is the essence of decking tile, the higher the density, the better the quality, so you can from discriminant out the weight of the quality of decking tile, decking tile of the same specification, the heavier the better. From the Angle of energy saving and environmental protection, thin brick will be the development direction of ceramic industry in the future.

3: the larger the size of the decking tile, the better

Now there are many specifications of decking tiles on the market, ranging from 150x150mm to 1200x1200mm. Big brick shop rises appear atmosphere, but it is not to be bigger had been better, what specification of choose and buy should consider the factor of each respect comprehensively, be like: the building module of the size of actual space, space, construction difficulty, price and adornment effect. Generally speaking, the area of the living room at home is larger, decking tiles of 800/1000/600 (mm) of choose and buy is appropriate, and the wet area between kitchen, balcony, bathroom is smaller because of the area, and should consider the ground to go water problem, too big bad construction, usually choose the decking tiles of the following specifications of 600mm so. Decking tile is specification is bigger thicker, the price is taller.

4: seamless brick is stuck up without seam

"Seamless brick" inside course of study it is to point to the glazed brick that grinds an edge through fine normally, archaic brick and throw glaze brick completely (the 4 edges of brick surface do not have chamfer, show right Angle), because the gap between decking tile is dense small, call seamless brick so. Many consumers like close seam shop stick, really the gap is smaller, integral decorative effect will be a few better. But in actual shop stick construction, it is very difficult to be accomplished, basically because: one, because decking tile exists the respect such as length, straight Angle, side straight degree deviation, the decking tile that does not have error completely does not exist; Two, in the process of construction there will be a certain amount of error; 3, any object exists heat expands cold shrinks, decking tile is no exception also. The gap is too small, will reduce the strain capacity of decking tile to the environment, because of the change of temperature, will make decking tile extrude each other, cause the brick surface to produce crack and even in the strong hot and cold stress, arch and fracture, affect the normal service life of decking tile. Seamless brick seam size in general should be about 1-1.5mm. Special effects can also be used to widen gaps appropriately.

5: matt glaze brick is difficult to clean

Actually the surface glaze layer of inferior glaze and bright glaze decking tile, it is after being burned through high temperature, the hard material that becomes vitreous, can make decking tile surface densification, bibulous rate is zero, have impervious to air, do not absorb pollution, do not ooze pollution, easy clean characteristic.

Which a few kinds of style does decking tile have?

First, classical style

As classical beauty became more and more respected, vintage bricks came into being. The glaze of decking tile that Italy retro ancient ways handles normally is uneven, make mottled years trace to show warm and moist tactility sedulously. The decking tile that imitates stone grain, wood grain, is showing the realm with lasting appeal in primitive simplicity, shape a unique historical feeling and natural feeling.

Second, neoclassical style

The Italian neoclassical style decking tiles not only reflect the romantic feelings of ancient times, but also contain the modern attitude towards life. The fine stone texture, elegant temperament and excellent quality always give people a very soft and natural feeling, but also have a smooth and comfortable visual effect.

Third, modern style

Satisfy the demand of modern urbanite, follow closely the pace of fashionable tide, it is another theme of Italian contemporary style decking tile. Italian style of modern decking tile to breakthrough the limitation of traditional Italian decking tile specifications, also tend to cream-colored color, bright yellow, brown, shallow red, walnut color more subdued color, the colour and lustre of various kinds of fashionable and lively and contracted, Italian style of modern decking tile will deduce the popularity of home decoration of more outstanding, get the favour of a lot of young people.

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