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What are the types of bathroom decking tiles?

What are the types of bathroom decking tiles?


Decking tiles are one of the main building materials in the decoration, especially the choice of bathroom decking tiles. Because the bathroom moisture is relatively large and very slippery, everyone must pay more attention when choosing bathroom decking tiles. Then, Jiabang Deck Tiles Supplier will introduce the types of bathroom decking tiles and how to choose bathroom decking tiles.

Types of bathroom decking tiles

1. Full body brick

At present, the anti-skid bricks on the market are basically all-body bricks. This brick presses rock debris with high pressure, the surface is not glazed, the positive and negative colors are uniform, and the surface is relatively rough, so the anti-skid effect is better.

2. Mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles are composed of many small bricks. Because the bricks are relatively small, there is a gap between the blocks. The anti-skid effect is good, but it is more troublesome to clean.

3. Polished tiles

Polished brick is a kind of bright brick made by polishing the surface. The surface is smooth and smooth, and the anti-skid effect is not very good. Therefore, it is not recommended to lay it on the kitchen and bathroom.

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How to choose bathroom decking tiles

1. Color matching

The color of bathroom decking tiles can be selected from white, yellow, black and other colors. For color selection, pay attention to the overall style of the bathroom.

2. Pay attention to anti-skid

Anti-skid bathroom decking tiles are the key, so you can choose tiles with patterns or bumps, mainly to increase floor friction and prevent slipping.

3. Small options

It is best to choose a bathroom decking tile with a small area, so that it is easier to grasp the slope, make the floor drain smooth, and avoid the trouble and inconvenience of life.

4. Must be moisture-proof

Due to the special bathroom environment, it is best to choose tiles with good moisture resistance. The higher the quality of the tiles, the lower the water absorption rate.

5. Wear resistance

The bathroom is relatively easy to hide dirt and dirt, so the choice of decking tiles is to consider its wear resistance and dirt resistance. When buying, you can scratch the surface of the decking tiles with a hard object to judge whether the decking tiles are thin and thick, if they are too thin or not glazed Not suitable for laying in a humid environment.

Tips for buying home decking tiles

1. Entrance decking tiles specifications

When we choose tiles in the entrance area, we need to first look at the size and layout of the entrance, and then choose. If the entrance door is facing the restaurant space, you don't need to choose tiles with the same specifications. It is recommended to use the tile edge to walk around the entrance area and divide the functional area. If it is an independent porch pattern, a large area can be designed with tile mosaic patterns, beautiful and atmospheric, and a small area can choose 300*300mm, 300*600mm decking tiles.

2. Specification of living room decking tiles

The living room is the largest functional area of the apartment, and also highlights the owner's taste. The size of the selected tiles is relatively large. Use 600*600mm or 800*800mm decking tiles. If the space is large, such as a villa, you can use 1000*1000 or more tiles for paving.

3. Specification of kitchen decking tiles

The kitchen space, during the cooking process, the activity area is relatively large, and the soup can be easily spilled with little attention. It is recommended to use anti-skid bricks. Because the space is relatively small, it is advisable to use small-sized decking tiles to display large spaces. Generally, the decking tiles with a size of 300*300mm are generally used; if your home is a European-style open kitchen, you can consider looking at 600*600mm decking tiles to let the space atmosphere Beautiful.

4. Specifications of bedroom decking tiles

The bedroom space is a private space, many people will choose to lay the floor, but the floor is not easy to maintain. People who like to live a relaxed life or have a limited budget will choose to install decking tiles. Generally, two specifications of 400*400mm and 600*600mm are used, and the size is selected according to the actual area.

5. Specification of bathroom decking tiles

The water vapor in the bathroom is relatively large, and the non-slip decking tiles are generally used. However, because the space is smaller than other spaces in the home, the 300*300mm and 300*450mm decking tiles are often selected to enlarge the space. If the space is large, it is recommended to choose decking tiles with small gaps to prevent accumulation of stains. Warm reminder, the bathroom needs to be waterproof first, and then to lay the decking tiles.

6. Specifications of balcony tiles

The choice of decking tiles for balcony space is suitable for thickness and light weight. Most home space tiles are mainly light-colored. For small spaces such as balconies, the size of 300*300mm decking tiles is generally used, so as not to be too restrictive. If the balcony area needs water, it needs to be waterproof to prevent ground leakage.

Jiabang Deck Tiles Supplier introduces the knowledge about decking tiles and hopes to help everyone.

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