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What is DIY tile?


The DIY decking tile is a new concept generated form the tradional floor, which is easier and quicker to lay.

It is combined by one piece of traditional floor (which can be different material such as ceramic , granite, slate and so on) and one piece of plastic grid base underneath which has three showing out tabs on two sides and three corresponding slots on the underside of the other two sides. The base attached to the floor with special flexible adhesive,enable the whole system to interlock with each other pieces by using the showing out tabs of one tile to lock into the corresponding slots on the underside of the other tile by a single click-clack action,thus, we call it DIY Tile. 


It does not need any adhesive, tile spacer or grout to hold them in place. The pieces are laid on the top of solid floor and clip together with a single action, without any needs of building work and doesn't take much trouble, time and money.


The DIY decking tile range combines the ease and simplicity of snap in place installation with beauty and durability of natural granite, slate and ceramic tiles. DIY Tile decking tiles can be applied to most of hard, smooth surfaces ... no adhesives or grouting required. The precision made interlocking tile base ensures perfect positioning and alignment every time, without effort or frustration.


Everything you need to lay the floor included in the item itself!





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