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What are the mistakes in choosing interlocking stone deck tiles?

What are the mistakes in choosing interlocking stone deck tiles?


Although interlocking stone deck tile is very important in architectural engineering and home decoration, and it is also the most common decorative material, many consumers have little understanding of interlocking stone deck tiles, so there are some misunderstandings in choosing interlocking stone deck tiles, which need us to explain and guide. Below, the manufacturer of Jiabang Interlocking Stone Deck Tiles will introduce to you what misunderstandings should be paid attention to when choosing Interlocking Stone Deck Tiles manufacturer.

Interlocking stone deck tiles

Misconceptions when choosing interlocking stone deck tiles

1: Polishing interlocking stone deck tiles is non-skid resistant

Because the surface flatness and gloss of polished interlocking stone deck tiles are relatively high, many people will think that its anti-skid performance is poor, which is a misunderstanding of the understanding of polished interlocking stone deck tiles. In fact, the anti-skid performance of polished interlocking stone deck tiles is good. The more water there is, the more acerbate feet will be felt. As the vamp and brick surface are relatively flat, the water on the tiles can make the two close contact and play a good anti-skid effect. So polished brick also can be used at hutch defends a space.

2: The thicker interlocking stone deck tiles are, the better

As for the thickness of interlocking stone deck tiles, the state has not yet issued a unified mandatory standard, which is generally determined by enterprises themselves. Therefore, thickness and thickness can not be used as the only criterion to judge the quality of interlocking stone deck tiles.

Although the thickness of interlocking stone deck tiles is not strictly stipulated in the national standard, it is stipulated in terms of water absorption rate, failure strength, fracture modulus, etc. The quality of interlocking stone deck tiles is good or bad. The final decision is the endoplasm of interlocking stone deck tiles. The higher the density, the better the quality. Therefore, the quality of interlocking stone deck tiles can be judged from the weight of interlocking stone deck tiles. For interlocking stone deck tiles of the same specification, the heavier the better. From the perspective of energy conservation and environmental protection, interlocking stone deck tiles will be the development direction of the future ceramic industry.

3. The larger the size of interlocking stone deck tiles, the better

At present, there are many specifications of interlocking stone deck tiles on the market, ranging from 150x150mm to 1200x1200mm. Big brick shop rises appear atmosphere, but it is not to be bigger had been better, what specification of choose and buy should consider the factor of each respect comprehensively, be like: the building module of the size of actual space, space, construction difficulty, price and adornment effect. In general, the living room area of the home is large, the purchase of floor tiles 800/1000/600 (mm) is appropriate, and the kitchen, balcony, bathroom and other wet areas due to the small area, and to consider the ground to water problem, too big is not good construction, Therefore, interlocking stone deck tiles with specifications below 600mm are usually selected. Interlocking stone deck tiles are thicker with larger specifications and higher price.

4: matt glaze interlocking stone deck tiles are difficult to clean

In fact, the glaze layer on the surface of matt glaze and bright glaze interlocking stone deck tiles is burnt at high temperature and becomes a hard substance in the vitreous body, which densifies the surface of interlocking stone deck tiles and has zero water absorption. It has the characteristics of airtight, no absorption, no seepage and easy to clean.

The method that different ceramic tile clears

1. Pollution cleaning method of glazed ceramic tile:

For glazed ceramic tile, tile glaze layer is a very dense material, colored liquid or dirt won't permeate into the brick, this kind of tile pollutant use dishcloth touchs water or add some detergent wipe the brick surface can remove the dirt, if is AoTuGan strong ceramic tile, concave-convex aperture squeezed inside a lot of dust, use brush, Then rinse with water to remove dirt on the brick surface.

2. Dirt cleaning method of vitrified ceramic tile:

For vitrified ceramic tiles, with respect to household commonly used pollutants, the following corresponding cleaning agents can be used for cleaning:

1). Type of pollution: daily cleaning

Clean method: can use mop, use detergent, soapy water to be able to undertake cleaning next.

2). Pollution type: tea, ice cream, grease, beer cleaning method: can be used to clean with soda solution.

3). Pollution type: sediment, rust, mortar

Cleaning method: use sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid solution. Drop it on the brick surface of the ceramic tile, and wipe it after standing for a few minutes. Pay attention to protect your hands well. Amway has a special ceramic tile cleaner that is also very good! If it is lime, putty powder, white latex dripping brick surface, use the blade to carefully scrape off.

4). Pollution type: paint, drawing pen

Cleaning method: can use turpentine, acetone wipe, the toothpaste used in the home also has very good decontamination effect.

5). Pollution type: soy sauce, vinegar, carbon dust cleaning method: the use of clean toilet spirit effect is better.

6). Contamination type: ink

Cleaning method: can use ceramic tile cleaner or toothpaste to clear. Ceramic mesh recommendations: if the vitrified brick surface is polluted, it is recommended to immediately use the corresponding cleaning agent to clean up better!

The development prospect of ceramic tile market

World real estate industry has developed rapidly in recent years, to ensure that the production and consumption of ceramic tile got greater development, due to the large number of breed of design and color is much, in China's ceramic tile products, good quality, high school low-grade products is complete, great choice and the price is appropriate, many countries and regions of the world very popular ceramic tile products in China, the proportion of China's ceramic tile in the international market expanding.

With the unprecedented development of the real estate industry in China in recent years, the market demand for the building wall and floor tile closely surrounding the real estate is huge. With the rapid development of ceramic production technology and technology in China, the personalized products of ceramic tile market are prominent, and the product development tends to high-end. At present, Chinese ceramic tile enterprises aim at the high-end market, emphasize the adjustment of product structure and increase the added value of products, but also take into account the overall interests of the industry, through efforts to improve the technical content of products, increase independent innovation, cultivate independent brands and other measures, to achieve sustainable development.

With the improvement of personal income and appreciation taste, the demand for high-end ceramic tile products continues to expand. In addition, with the increasing investment in infrastructure renovation and residential housing construction, and the steady growth of GDP, the income of ordinary people is also increasing, and they begin to pay attention to housing decoration. The demand for building materials such as ceramic tiles is rising day by day, and the ceramic tile market has a broad prospect in the future.

For more knowledge about interlocking stone deck tiles, please contact the manufacturer of Jiabang Interlocking stone deck tiles manufacturer.

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