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What kinds of outdoor tiles are there?

What kinds of outdoor tiles are there?


Ceramic tiles are a large family. They can be divided into different types according to their styles, types and USES. Outdoor tile is one of our common tiles. It also has a thicker style than normal tiles, and it can also get blind and stop bricks depending on the use, so follow the Jiabang Outdoor Tiles manufacturers to see what kinds of Outdoor tiles are? What are the requirements for outdoor tiles?

Common types of outdoor tiles

The texture is also rough, which is easy to hide dust.Outdoor tiles include square tiles, lawn tiles, etc.


2. Square bricks are mainly divided into common square bricks, roofing bricks and indoor supermarket bricks.


3. There are blind road bricks and stop bricks in common square, which are usually yellow, gray and black. It is widely used in leisure plaza, municipal engineering, supermarkets, 4S stores, landscaping, beautiful roof, garden balcony and public places with large flow of people due to its super anti-skid, wear resistance and decorative aesthetic performance. It has the characteristics of non-slip, wear-resisting, beautiful and easy to repair, and is the ideal ground and roof decoration material for modern urban construction.


4. Lawn bricks can be prefabricated into various specifications and colors according to needs, inlaid with various patterns and assembled into different patterns, which are more beautiful than the cement floor. In addition, they can reduce the dazzling phenomenon caused by the reflective of the ground, reduce the reflection of the radiation of the ground, and reduce the transmission of heat from the ground layer. Lawn bricks are widely used in urban road reconstruction, park construction, community greening and so on.

 outdoor tiles

Basic requirements for Outdoor tile


1) Expansion joints should be set in outdoor tile paste system. Horizontal expansion joints can be located in the corresponding floor, vertical expansion joints can be located in the corresponding parts of the wall column. The width of expansion joints can be determined according to local practical experience. When presticking exterior wall facing brick is used for construction, the expansion joint should be located at the joint of prefabricated wall panel. Expansion joints shall be made of flexible waterproof material.


2) Waterproof and drainage structures should be adopted for concave and convex parts of walls such as windowsills, cornice, decorative lines, awnings, balconies and falling water mouths.


3) The width of the joint between the pasted outdoor tiles on both sides of the wall deformation joints should not be less than the width of the deformation joints.


4) For outdoor tiles, the width of joint should not be less than 5mm, do not use dense seam, seam depth should not be more than 3mm, can also use flat seam.


5) The drainage slope of the top surface at the horizontal positive Angle shall not be less than 3%. The method of pressing the top surface brick and the bottom plane surface brick of the lowest row of the facade shall be adopted. Wall Yin and Yang corner place should use special-shaped corner brick, Yang corner place can also use edge processing into 45° Angle face brick butt.


The above content is about which categories of outdoor tiles are available, and some important points to pay attention to. To learn more about Outdoor tile, you are welcome to follow Jiabang Outdoor tile manufacturers.

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