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How do you install decking tiles?

How do you install decking tiles?


Stick decking tile seemingly simple, but do not have enough experience, ignore details, not only easy to appear empty drum, uneven phenomenon, preset metope decoration effect will be greatly reduced.

The laying method of decking tile basically can be divided for "wet shop" or "dry shop", the difference depends on the proportion that cement adds water and the different content of use binder, glue. Paving wall bricks generally use the wet method, if the use of dry shop also in the material conditions allow the condition, increase the plate reinforcement in the wall to improve the support force. Floor tile uses dry shop method more, replace traditional craft with binder, glue and a few cement.

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Steps to Install decking tiles

Step 1: Clean the wall

The metope that should stick brick has qualified pull wool, is the reason that causes cement and wall wall not to stick to wait for a phenomenon. Decking tile and cement are one of the same, but there is a hole or gap between cement and metope, it is easy to cause the situation of empty drum. After the treatment of the wall, the available line test whether the wall is horizontal and vertical, if the horizontal line is crooked, the tile posted in the construction will also be crooked, so pay extra attention to.

Step 2: handle decking tile

"Wet stick" the need when decking tile ahead of schedule of bubble water, the purpose is to let the decking tile that has bibulous rate unapt absorb the moisture in cement layer quickly, make cement loses corresponding performance thereby. Should soak decking tile 2 hours of above in theory, but the decking tile that owner should see bubble water only in actual operation is ok not bubbling.

"Dry stick" decking tile can decide whether to want bubble water according to the quality of a material of different decking tile, the decking tile that does not want to bubble should be in only before laying the floating ash that the clean dishcloth that soggy erases decking tile surface, bilge is OK. Adhesives can be adjusted, found that large gaps can also be adjusted in time, and then clean the surface overflow with a clean cloth to clean the excess paste. In addition, natural stone material should undertake pair of color, spell a flower and try to spell, number before the shop stick, so as not to appear deviation in the operation process.

Step 3: Preset location

Before spreading wall brick, still should undertake in advance release line position and row brick, non whole brick should be discharged in secondary place or Yin Angle place. Determine the horizontal and vertical signs on the wall, pad the base ruler, hang inclined shop, confirm the position of the Yin and Yang Angle brick and then start laying. Before paving the floor tiles, the thickness of the combined mortar should be determined according to the design requirements, and the total thickness and the surface flatness of the stone and floor tiles should be controlled by pulling the cross line.

Step four: mix cement

Cement should be mixed first, and the mixing proportion must be well mastered when mixing. When sticking to the wall brick cement per square meter dosage of 11 kilograms, 33 kilograms of sand, a small amount of glue. When paving the floor tiles, 12.5 kilograms of cement per square meter should be used, 34 kilograms of sand, and a small amount of glue. Mix well and then hit the treated cement on the decking tile. When playing, we should pay attention to the "flat" and "uniform", including the four corners of the decking tile to be fully covered.

If the cement is uneven, uneven, decking tile paste up after it is easy to produce the phenomenon of empty drum. In addition, the thickness of cement should also be mastered well, generally in 8mm~12mm. Too thin, the tile is easy to stick uneven, and the queen is easy to excessive contraction, half a month or so will put the decking tile crack.

Step 5: Stick decking tile

Of decking tile stick a law to basically have inclined stick with stick two kinds, how should choose to basically be the design effect that sees owner need and the specification of decking tile itself to use which kind stick a law more beautiful and less loss material. When sticking, we should pay attention to whether the Angle and the Angle, the edge and the edge are posted and aligned, and keep the unity of the seam with the positioner.

Wait for decking tile to be put flat and then take leather hammer to the whole brick wall gently knock pressure, and ensure that every corner is knocked in place. After paving, the surface should be cleaned in time. If there is a seam left, cement should be used again after 24 hours, and the color of the brick surface should be harmonized with the pigment and white cement, and the caulking can be evenly stirred.

Step six: pointing

24 hours after the paving of the floor tiles to clean the pointing, pointing before the impurities in the cracks of the floor tiles should be wiped clean, with special sealant pointing.

Step 7: Clean up

After laying, it is necessary to clean and protect in time.

How to lay the tiles in the open space?

First of all, we have to prepare for the paving of the brick of the open space should be dealt with briefly, do a pervious, can also be leveled. This can avoid the local collapse of the ground after paving the brick.

In the ready to lay the brick in the open space to make a mark, point, pull line, this can help us in the following paving process leveling, alignment. How to tile open space?

Sand, cement, ready to lay floor tiles can enter the field; Put a layer of cement on the ground; The outdoor floor is laid in accordance with the positioning line planned in advance; After laying to take a small mallet level, and then the outdoor floor hammer compaction; Next, repeat the above steps all the time to pave the outdoor floor tiles for the open space.

What should we notice when sticking decking tiles

1. before we paste tile process, if the base is the surface of the land, we need to pay attention to the first base gouge hair, the thickness of the gouge hair can be in 5 mm to 10 mm before, and the need to gouge hair marks, its spacing is best in 30 mm up and down. Finally, clean the ground or wall floating ash, mortar, oil stains, and sprinkle water on the ground.

2. the decking tile before we talk about the first bomb line positioning is clear, but on the ground to pop up in the doorway into a right Angle to line, spring line is the best from the door of the gate as the starting point, the purpose is to better ensure the place that take the door to the whole brick, if not the entire brick is positioned below the internal Angle or furniture, the line of control line should pop up vertical and horizontal orientation.

3. Moreover, before we carry out the construction and paste the decking tile process, we must first soak the decking tile and then dry it in the shade before use.

4. Secondly, when we shop and paste decking tiles, we shall first apply the cement mortar mixed in proportion to the back of the decking tiles. We must be in full condition, but we also need to use rubber hammer to knock it gently after we shop and paste it. At the same time, the level ruler should be used to check and correct so as not to affect the uneven tile shop, and then only need to wipe the residual cement mortar on the surface.

5.the final step in three to five hours after the shop is stuck, we can directly use white cement seam or some families use dedicated caulking agent color also more selective, and family than column mixing cement mortar with cement and sand are equally caulking, this method with fewer people, finally need to pay attention to the seam to fill is close-grained, level off is smooth, fill out and then wipe clean cotton silk will surface.

Conclusion: The above is how to tile tile and what to pay attention to tile tile. Please continue to pay attention to Jiabang Decking Tiles Suppliers if you need more information.

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