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2020 new opportunities for outdoor living market


2020 new opportunities for outdoor living market

In 2020, the coronavirus became the largest black swan. Foreign trade was hit heavily, and the overall consumption level of European and American consumers has also been challenged accordingly.

As people spend more time at home, home life, home entertainment, garden supplies and other products sales are going up unpredictably. In the past few months, some industries and categories have maintained sustained growth in the European and American e-commerce markets. Among them, products related to gardening and outdoor household (Yard, Garden & Patio, hereinafter collectively referred to as YGP) performed well during the epidemic. According to the data from Similar Web, the well-known horticultural brand Scotts in this category has experienced a nearly five-fold increase in visits to the official website in March compared to the previous two months. There are three categories of product demand quickly, especially in the United States: outdoor cooking equipment and accessories, such as barbecue grills; garden equipment and accessories, such as garden shears, watering cans, etc .; outdoor living products, such as tables and stools, umbrellas, garden cabinets The sales volume increased obviously.


(1)   The epidemic stimulates new vitality of e-commerce.

With the rapid outbreak of the epidemic in overseas countries, many countries have also adopted corresponding isolation measures to deal with the epidemic. People spend more time at home and spend more time on home activities. Online has become the main shopping channel for most people. According to Statista's survey report on online shopping users in the United States on March 26, 59% of people have already made purchases online, 9% have begun to try online shopping for the first time, and another 25% of respondents No online shopping has been done, and 7% of people have a wait-and-see attitude. According to a survey of consumer users who regularly shop online, 47% of Americans say that their online spending plan remains the same, 37% plan more online, and 9% spend less online.7 % Of people are concerned about whether to increase online consumption.

By counting the number of new reviews of YGP products in Amazon annually, it can be found that the peak season of this category is mainly concentrated from March to July every year, and November to December will also be ushered in a large increase due to the shopping season. The growth rate of the number of new comments increased by 45% in January 2020 compared with last year, showing a strong upside potential in the beginning of the year.

(2) Increasing demand for household outdoor products.

     During the epidemic, coincided with frequent holidays around the world from April to June, home & garden products have huge potential for growth. The five categories of outdoor furniture and accessories, lawn mowing equipment, camping equipment, camping tools, barbecue grills and others all experienced substantial growth in Q2.

By comparing monthly website visits of the top 10 websites in the home & garden category, we can see that 80% of websites have an upward trend in website visits in the past 30 days, with an average increase of 12.33%, of which the highest increase was 27.23%. From February 1st to March 28th, the key countries of interest are in the search volume of YGP, the United States has the highest search volume, followed by Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

 During the epidemic, homes and garden activities have become the best way for bored people to pass their time. There are already many people on YouTube sharing their assessment of furniture in their own yard or how to spend time in their own yard.

Affected by the coronavirus, people's demand for social entertainment, travel, etc. has been suppressed to varying degrees, and more home time has led to a sharp increase in online search for gardening & outdoor home related products. This epidemic is a major opportunity for the online sales industry, and online shopping will become the mainstream of future sales.

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