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What advantage does non slip decking tiles have?

What advantage does non slip decking tiles have?


There are a lot of types of floor tile, because prevent slippery non slip decking tiles has certain prevent slippery advantage, general kitchen and bathroom choose prevent slippery non slip decking tiles, if have a child and old person in the home, the most important is to choose non slip decking tiles floor prevent slippery, and understand the advantage of prevent slippery non slip decking tiles and maintain. And Jiabang below deck tiles together see non-slip decoration the antiskid advantage of non slip decking tiles.

Non slip decking tiles floor nonskid advantages

1. The non slip decking tiles is made of bricks of various colors, new styles and excellent decorative effects.

2. Non slip decking tiles is firm and comfortable, ultra-light and wear-resistant, with long service life;

3. Non slip decking tiles is the ideal brick, with excellent antiskid, wear-resisting and moisture-proof performance.

4.Non slip decking tiles ensures the safety of beautiful and practical family members.

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The choose and buy skill that prevents slippery non slip decking tiles

1. The back side of the brick is water or water absorption and water absorption, and there are no few drops of tea juice or a few drops of water, depending on the degree of diffusion of the inhaled water droplets;

2. Is it clear that this clear and crisp pottery can still hear the sound of high density and good hardness?

3. General anti-slip brick surface roughness penetrates the brick body, which is convenient for all kinds of construction or engineering soil dirt. Removes pores or makes it difficult for contaminants to penetrate. Non slip decking tiles has high hardness, because this becomes the non slip decking tiles of high polishing after wear.

4. The color of anti-slip brick are clear and natural, with high ceramic content, poor color saturation and low ceramic content.

5. When purchasing, visually observe the surface of the pinhole within 1 meter, indicating that the surface of the sliding tile is not waxed, which is easy to accumulate dust.

6. Observation of warping: the side of the anti-slip brick has a linear relationship with the naked eye. If the warp is serious, it will affect the robustness of the future packaging brick.

Daily maintenance of non slip decking tile

1. Use a semi-wet mop or vacuum every day. If it's stubborn, use an eraser.

2. If oil stains and ink fall on the floor, rinse and wipe immediately with soap.

3. So as not to affect fragments of metal, glass, or ceramic sheets, use hard objects, such as studs, to wipe floor tiles or to pull heavy objects back and forth in tiles or to apply appearance scratches.

4. If parts are damaged, they must be replaced and reinstalled in time.

5. It is better to place the block pad at the foot of the furniture where the static load is concentrated to avoid dents.

Above is about non slip decking tiles prevent slippery advantage and daily maintain and non slip decking tiles floor prevent slippery of choose and buy.

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