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Looking for a combination of nature and aesthetics - flower arrangement


The green grass and flowers are the note of the summer. During the season, JIABANG organized a flower arrangement training event. All the staff of Jiabang Foreign Trade Department participated in this activity. In addition to his work, JIABANG also takes everyone to look for nature and beauty.

This time, the flower arrangement teacher introduced the technique of hemispherical flower arrangement, which is mainly composed of roses, carnations and Platy codon, supplemented by lovers grass and gardenia leaves. At the beginning, everyone was in a hurry and couldn’t start. After the teacher's instructions, everyone has mastered the basics, and become professional flower arrangement craftsmen. Who focused on each flower serious; each pair of matching linings is also typically particular.  After nearly two hours of hard work, everyone's works has finally come out. You can’t believe the works were designed by beginners!

Our focus on flower arrangement is just like JIABANG’s decking tiles. It has a rigorous and professional craftsmanship spirit. Each piece of decking tiles can reflect the pursuit of product quality by JIABANG and the sensitivity of new product development. In recent years, JIABANG developed new models of WPC decking tiles, artificial grass decking tiles, ceramic decking tiles and natural stone decking tiles, but also developed solar light decking tile, aluminum decking tiles, PS, plastic decking tiles and so on. In the future, JIABANG will continue to develop more and more qualified products and bring people lots of natural and beauty.

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