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Fighting Novel coronavirus pneumonia, we are together!


Fighting Novel coronavirus pneumonia(NCP) , we are together!

The epidemic is ruthless, but there is love around us. Fighting the Novel coronavirus pneumonia(NCP) epidemic, JIabang outdoor ceramic tile with you are together!

The Novel coronavirus pneumonia(NCP) is widespread over the world recently. In addition to Asia, the number of cases in Italy, France, Spain, etc. has increased rapidly, and cases in the United States, Canada and other regions have also shown an upward trend. It has led to shortages of protective supplies such as medical masks, disinfection water, basic protective gowns, etc., In this situation, it is more likely to cause the Novel coronavirus pneumonia(NCP) spread.

Fighting the COVID-19 epidemic is urgent! Although the protective supplies in China are still scarce at present, Foshan Jiabang outdoor ceramic tile purchased a batch of medical masks urgently and sent them to our customers who have long-term cooperation for free. Although the number is limited, we also hope to solve their urgent need.

Fighting the Novel coronavirus pneumonia(NCP), we are together!

Jiabang people are busy packing surgical masks

Check the packing details, make sure all the face mask is well packed. 

The first batch of medical surgical masks is ready to go! They help us to bring our cordial greetings to ourrespected customers.

We are fine, and hope my friends are fine too! My friends, no matter where you are, please take care of yourself. Wash your hands frequently, and pay special attention to wearing a surgical mask to protect yourself and your family. We will overcome difficulties soon!

Even though we are in different country, but we live in the same earth. After the storm, we will enjoy the rainbow together! I believe everything will come back to normal soon!

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