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Deck Tile-New home floor design


With the rapid changes in living , the design trend is accelerating. Modern simplicity and naturalism are in vogue. Today we sort out some new fancy styles of floors, hoping to bring you new design inspirations.


The pure and simple solid wood feeling, seemingly rough wood grain texture. The solid wood deck tiles are tightly linked together, showing a unique natural aesthetics.     


The Click Clack tile integrating the feeling of art in life, using deck tiles to express the lifestyle.


What is simple?Leave it blank appropriately, but it carries a rich charm.Minimal but not simplify, simplicity is not just a style, but also an attitude to life.

The stone deck tiles , clearly see the arrangement of the stones , senior concise on the ground. It could match with classical Chinese furniture, or with a set of ins-style tables and chairs.


Now home design is a fusion and flexible style. The floor design has gradually ceased to be the surface, but more to explore practical and simple style.


The Click Clack , the exquisite shape and the simple practicability blend, deduce the extraordinary and refined space beauty.

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