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Keep walking! Jiabang participated the activity of “50KM Walking”


The 5th session “50KM Walking” was held on March 30st,2019 in Foshan city, which attracted over 300,000 people to take part in this famous activity.

It is the 2rd time for Jiabang to participate this activity. We choosed the Nanhai route as usual for our goal.

Nanhai route included 8 stops for chops as following:

Qiandenghu Huoshui Park --- Nanhai Sports Park --- Yingyuehu Park --- Dongping Community Park --- Banyuedao Wetland Park --- Fochen Bridge --- Huayang Bridge --- Shijilian Sports Center

In the 2018, we used 12 hours to conquer this 50KM. How about this year?

All staff of Jiabang started from Qiandenghu Part early at 8:00 A.M. It was a sunny day. We had to bear the hot weather with strong sunshine. Everyone felt tired but nobody gave up! Keep walking is one of Jiabang Spirit! 

The earliest staff arrived at the destination of Shijilian Sport Center is 7:30 P.M! It is half hour earlier than last year!


Jiabang will keep walking to develop more innovative decking tile, such as natural stone deck tiles, PP interlocking floor, WPC DIY tiles, and to produce more qualified product such as wooden floor, ceramic joint tiles, artificial grass garden tiles, ceramic patio tile etc.

Jiabang’s click clack decking tile can bring you not only DIY flooring, but also amazing life and fun.

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