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What kind of building decking tile and application to have?

What kind of building decking tile and application to have?


Building decking tile is the ceramic tile material that is used at building metope, ground and sanitation equipment. The decking tile of building class is very common in daily life, a lot of people are curious decking tile is how split, have what application. Below and Jiabang deck tiles see decking tile common kind and application limits together.

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   Types of decking tile for architectural decoration

The main products are divided into decking tile, sanitary ceramics, large ceramic decorative panels, decorative glazed products.

Application of decking tile

Glazed tile also known as the inner wall brick, is used for interior wall decoration of thin - section fine ceramic building products. It can not be used outdoors, or after the sun, rain, wind, freezing, will lead to damage. Glazed tile is breed not only much, and have a variety of colour such as white, chromatic, design, matt, stone light and can join together into all sorts of design, calligraphy and painting, adornment sex is stronger, be used at the place such as kitchen, toilet, bathroom, barber shop, inside dado more decorate the metope of the place and large public place.

Wall floor tile is the general name of ceramic brocade brick, floor tile, wall face brick, their intensity is high, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, fire resistance, water resistance is good, easy to clean, do not fade, because this is widely used in the decoration of metope and ground.

Large ceramic act the role of face plate is a kind of adornment ceramic of large area, it overcame glazed face brick and wall ground.

Decking tile divides into floor tile, wall brick and waist line brick according to the function.

Decking tile is divided by craft: glazed brick, brick of whole body, polishing brick, bo changes brick, ceramic brocade brick.

Glazed ceramic tile: refers to the brick with glazed layer burned on the surface of the brick. There are two kinds of bricks: one is made of clay; The other is fired with China clay, the home that decorates at present about 80% purchaser chooses this brick to decorate a material for the ground.

Ceramic tile of whole body: this is a kind of porcelain qualitative brick that does not go up glaze, have very good prevent slippery sex and wearability. What say commonly "prevent slippery floor tile" it is brick of whole body mostly. This kind of brick is popular among consumers because of its moderate price.

Polished ceramic tile: after the brick of whole body classics polishing becomes polishing brick, the hardness of this kind of brick is very high, very wear-resisting.

Bo changes ceramic tile: this is the porcelain qualitative brick that a kind of high temperature fires makes, it is the hardest one kind of in all ceramic tile. When polishing brick is scratched sometimes, vitreous change brick still is safe and sound.

Ceramic brocade brick: also known as Mosaic, specifications, thin and small, hard texture, acid, alkali resistance, wear resistance, not seeping water, strong pressure resistance, not easy to break, color diversity, a wide range of USES.

non slip decking tiles

The choice method of decking tile

1. Decking tile to decide whether to stick to requirement according to technical index

Wear-resisting degree: match degree (also called wear-resisting degree) prove that the degree of decking tile is easy to wear: Ⅰ degree level of decking tile wear resistance rate is the lowest, is used to display, metope and few activity commonly; Ⅱ degree level of decking tile is mainly used in the bathroom, bedroom environment of does not have hard attrition; Ⅲ degrees decking tiles suitable for frequent personnel flow, such as living room, kitchen, etc.; Ⅳ decking tile with high wear resistance, in the luxury residential hall, corridor, and very suitable for use in public places. Ⅴ degree in general has super wear-resisting degree, for the family environment, such as airport, station, etc.

Bibulous rate: bibulous rate tall decking tile is told commonly, send density is low; The decking tile that bibulous rate is low sends density to compare tall commonly. The metope of damp space and ground choose bibulous rate commonly low decking tile. Hardness: take two decking tile to knock gently, if the sound of decking tile is clear and crisp, take a bit of metallic sound to prove its inherent quality is good, hardness is higher; If the voice is hoarse, the brick may contain cracks.

2. Decking tile quality stand or fall is key

When decking tile of choose and buy, breed, design and color, specification is important, but quality still is the first, especially the household space of functional sex, for instance toilet, kitchen and the ground that often trample, ceramic tile quality stands or falls concern to service life.

When buying decking tile must notice whether it is indicated stick the mark such as the green health standard that the country promulgation or character, do not buy 3 do not have ceramic tile product or counterfeit and shoddy product. Some small manufacturers fight a crazy price war by holding down production costs. Little imagine ceramic tile is the thing that should accompany you for many years, cove the one moment of save of purse, bought the ceramic tile of small manufacturer not wear-resisting, after a year brick surface mottled refute, crack is born, enter an eye. The most terrible is some small manufacturers to hold down the cost, the product that produces is not environmental protection, these shop on the wall, the 'poison source' on the ground is threatening people's health everyday so. Had better go so normal building materials market brand ceramic tile of choose and buy.

3. Are the decking tiles you bought used in the kitchen, toilet or living room

decking tile is in the home basically be used at sitting room, kitchen, toilet metope and ground. Because the living environment of these places is very different. If the metope of the kitchen often suffers the infestation of lampblack, because this metope ceramic tile must have the characteristic that fights grease, endure swab, and the ground ceramic tile between wei yu should have the function that prevent slippery, the decking tile with low bibulous rate that should consider to choose.

4. Consult the performance such as the acid alkalinity that decking tile, in order to choose appropriate cleaner, prevent glaze to be polluted

The maintenance problem of decking tile is cannot despise, for continuous porcelain face cleanness does not damage porcelain face brightness again, can use muti_function decontamination ointment undertakes cleanness. As to ceramic tile aperture place, should use toothbrush to dip in first a few decontamination cream to go up bilge, brush with wool brush in aperture place again a waterproof agent can, can prevent ooze water not only so and can prevent mould to grow.

Decking tile choose attention item:

The choice of decking tile also has a lot of matters needing attention, when buying ceramic tile, whether should notice ceramic tile to have production qualification certificate, qualitative check report; The choice that decking tile to notice whether the surface even exists small pitting, blemish; Whether decking tile prevent slippery, moistureproof; The dimension size of each ceramic tile is same wait.

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