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Prelude to the online Canton Fair-live broadcast rehearsal


Prelude to the online Canton Fair-live broadcast rehearsal

In order to meet the upcoming online Canton Fair, Jiabang people strive to improve their skill and actively prepare for it. Recently, we organized the first live broadcast. A successful live broadcast is inseparable from a strong logistics technical team. Look! Our technical team is debugging the equipment to ensure that the live broadcast can proceed smoothly

The theme of this rehearsal is the introduction of new products. Colleagues of the Foreign Trade department are divided into two groups, one group introduces the new arrival of WPC decking tile series, and the other group introduces the new product of PP deck tiles series. Although we are familiar with decking tile product, the anchors are still a bit shy when facing the camera. Now enter our first live broadcast: New product of WPC decking tile series.

First section: New arrival of WPC decking tile

WPC decking tile is the one of our hot-selling series. It has the imitation appearance of real wood, good weather resistance, suitable for use in various places, and earned lots of good feedback by customers since it was launched on the market. The new WPC decking tile we developed this time, using co-extrusion technology, is a breakthrough in the traditional process, the product surface is more variety, and the weather resistance is better.

Second section: New product of PP decking tile

The theme of the second live broadcast is the PP interlocking floor series. Following last year when we developed the PP imitation ceramic tile series, we developed the PP imitation wood series this year. The appearance of this new product is similar to traditional WPC series and its weight is lighter than WPC decking tile. What’s more, the price is lower. Before launching the market, we did some tests on product performance, such as the aging test at SGS, and the test result was very excellent.

What will be different from the live broadcast of Jiabang in Online Canton Fair? Meet you in June, See you on line!

Meet you in on-line Canton fair! See you in June!

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