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This law of article 5 choose ceramic tile, ceramic tile merchants will never tell you!

by:JIABANG     2020-09-28
Choose ceramic tile can be easy to look only at the surface, can also be complex to delve into the formula of raw material, firing temperature and the way of quality control. And many from the media, owner, decorate themselves know about it and is not deep enough, there are a lot of false sharing information, but is used as the 'thumb', let's make decorate people watched these real feel very distressed, it's so opposite! The following five outdoor wood deck tiles law, suitable for selected inexpensive, style, beauty of hutch defends ceramic tile. The difference between different ceramic tile before share our 'secret', still have to review the first several concepts. industry in the general classification methods are: ceramics, antique, polishing, glazed ceramic, microcrystalline, sheet ( New product) 。 The decking tile on the market basically belongs to the six class ( There are some very small niche products not included) , some call it is original brand, but also can go to these classifications. The six kinds of products, each has its own characteristics, which better does not exist. to investigate all the parameters are as follows: from our users can be perceived, is the following aspects: 1, not easily broken; 2, smooth edges, the surface flush, the shop is stuck effect is good. 3, easy to clean, not permeability. 4, not easy to scratch; 5, the style is unified, small color difference; 6, no heavy metal and radioactive pollution. If can have a way to look at these points, then is the effective method, such as drawing with mark pen, measuring length of edges, etc. And drop the bibulous rate, hearing voices knock is ringing, it is the metaphysics. Actually the most simple way is to find the businessman for the test report of a CNAS certification mark. Of course have such question: test report can also be fraudulent. Really does not exclude that there may be, but if when national laboratory test report cannot trust, online 'remedies' more sent on no use also. The raw material of ceramic tile, not from a single origin, but different regions of the country's raw materials are prepared. According to different products, the proportion will be different. So the quality and origin of ceramic tile not too big relations, more still depends on the size of the factory and quality control ability. Therefore, cost-effective choice hutch defends the five points of ceramic tile, simply put is: 1, don't listen to anything about low bibulous rate is in the process, more can't equate low water absorption and good quality between 2, no brain to choose ceramics, don't be tempted to do the 'granite floor tiles on the wall'; 3, choose the ceramic tile with regular size; 4, take a look at in addition to the imitation stone texture of decking tile design and color; 5, focus on real quality related standards.
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