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There are which type ceramic tile kind knowledge _ ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2020-12-22

because there are more and more the types and brands of ceramic tile, a lot of people at the time of decorate bridal chamber, don't know what to choose which brand and type of ceramic tile, so today will introduce ceramic tile kind knowledge.

1, polishing outdoor wood deck tiles is polishing outdoor wood deck tiles to connect body brick surface grinding of a brick a high gloss, the surface of the brick is mostly smooth and strong wear resistance, suitable for exterior wall, and a few adornment of the balcony, and it also can be all kinds of archaize brick effect, but the polishing brick weaker ability to resist pollution. 2, bo changes a outdoor wood deck tiles, bo changes a brick is a certain proportion according to the quartz sand and clay were firing a complete decking tile, because it has been polished, so do not need to be polished, also is a kind of the most hard all ceramic tile ceramic tile, its rich colors, environmental health, has the very strong corrosion resistance, but the price will be higher. , 3, glazed tile, glazed pottery is clay, quartz and feldspar fire becomes, has many different patterns and designs, because of easy to clean and prevent slippery, so most of the time are used in kitchen and toilet, but its wear resistance is low. 4, has the advantage that knows body brick to connect body hardness is very high, and low water absorption, abrasion resistance and high, is made of rock debris after high-pressure suppression, design and color is more one-on-one hit, fit in with the contracted decorate indoor, give a person a kind of simple atmospheric feeling, also more economical, but easy to water infiltration. 5, porcelain tiles, porcelain tiles is the lowest in all decking tile water imbibition, and it not only has the natural stone texture, with highlights, the advantages of high hardness, wear resistance, design and color and color is rich, but its resistance to pressure is lower, suitable for all kinds of style of the house decorate, commonly used in the sitting room and bedroom. kind knowledge is introduced here, if you still want to know more can click on the brand ceramic tile details.

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