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The usage of glue for tiling tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-04

With the continuous expansion of the decoration market, the decking tile products on the decoration market are becoming more and more diversified. Regarding the content of the glue for tiling tiles, it is an aspect that everyone usually knows less about. In order to better understand the tile paving, let's talk about some details about the tile glue.

What kind of stickers are used for tiles:

1. Tile adhesive has high bonding strength, water resistance, frost resistance, aging resistance and convenient construction of wall tile glue, etc. Characteristic, it has replaced the traditional yellow sand with its many advantages. The adhesive force of tile glue is still several times that of cement mortar. Now it is widely used in various wall surfaces, on the ground, bathhouses and kitchens. occasion.

2, and the tile adhesive is scientifically formulated with excellent cement, polymer additives, etc., it is a paste material that meets environmental protection requirements, and has a very strong paste for lubricating appearance force.

3. Normal tile glue. Generally, the tile glue is suitable for putting up all kinds of bricks on the ground or small bricks on the wall.

4. Enhanced tile adhesive. It has relatively strong adhesive force and anti-falling force, and can be used to paste wall tiles and non-mortar surfaces that require greater adhesive force, such as wood boards.

5. Heavy outdoor wood deck tiles type tile adhesive. This type of glue has strong adhesion and flexibility. It can withstand the stress of the adhesive layer due to thermal expansion and contraction. It can be used for gypsum board, fiberboard, plywood, or old veneers with large area sizes. Paste of stone plates.

Using method of tile glue:

1. First clean up the surface of the clean construction, so that it can be expressed in a clean and stain-free state.

2. Stir the tile glue into a paste in clean water, and mix it according to the amount of 6 to 6.5 kg of 25 kg of water. After the mixing is even, let it stand for about 15 minutes and then mix it slightly. 2 After the application is finished in about an hour, do not use the dried glue glue twice.

3. Spread the glue on the wall with the toothed scraper, evenly distribute it on the wall for about one square meter, and knead the tiles on it within fifteen minutes. If adjustment is needed, it must be done before the tile glue is not fixed.

4. Pay attention to the preservation of tile expansion joints. The tile glue is suitable for use in the environment of 5℃~40℃. After 24 hours, it can be stepped in or caulked.

There are many brands of glue for tiling tiles on the market. I hope everyone will think more after reading these contents to avoid making mistakes when choosing products.

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