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The types of home decoration ceramic tile?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-17

China English for China, but also because China, as early as the shang Yin period in our country appears elegant white stoneware, and as a kind of porcelain, outdoor ceramic tile is an important construction or decoration materials, modern and alone according to the varieties: polishing brick, and archaize brick, tile, glazed ceramic, crystal throwing bricks, microcrystalline, split outdoor wood deck tiles, square brick, Cultural brick) 。 Decoration for the first time buyers tend to be kind and ceramic tile is a hindrance in a wide range of USES, small make up for this sums up the buy outdoor ceramic tile matters needing attention.

home what types of ceramic tile

microcrystalline: inline known as microcrystalline glass ceramic composite panels, the vast majority of microcrystal were used twice sintering, microlite looks from layer on the surface of the glass, the glass is concealed in the layer of bubbles become the microlite's universal shortcomings, intensive bubble production wear-resisting degree of hardness is poorer, the industry and decoration industry is clearly its crush is fairly easy to scratch, produces obvious scratch, so the micro SPAR is suitable for the shop is stuck on the wall; At the same time, because it is a burnt products twice, embryo and glass outdoor wood deck tiles layer is not synchronous firing, so easy to appear when cut loss of edge cracking phenomenon.

all glazed ceramic tile: surface can exert a in polishing process of glaze are specially formulated glaze, as a general rule, be transparent surface convex flower glaze or transparent glaze, it does not cover is low the surface of glaze and glaze, smooth and bright clean, all glazed ceramic tile surface pattern design and color is rich, colorful.

the sitting room ground brick technique of choose and buy

1. type

granite floor tiles type has glazed pottery, brick, polishing brick, bo changes a brick, such as the decoration trend now is concise and practical, the living room granite floor tiles main use bo changes a brick is more. Bo changes a brick is based on the brick burnish and becomes more light brick, is the upgrade version of the brick, hardness, resistance to pollution effect best, floor tile of choose and buy, the first target type, distinguish what is bo changes a brick.

2。 See appearance

whether bo changes a brick surface luster, if there is any scratch, off color, lack of edge Angle, etc. ; Look at the back of the tile, the regular products are trademarks and brick paving direction indicating arrow, if there is no or unclear, suggest don't choose this kind of brick.

3。 Ok weight

, because of the large bo changes a brick hardness with specifications of the brick, bo changes a brick than other types of brick is heavy, feel feel lighter general quality is time.

4。 Knock brick

tap on a bo changes a brick, gravelly voice and echo long heaving, has high degree of vitrified, wear resistance is strong, bibulous rate is low, pollution resistant capability is strong; If sound mixing dumb or crisp, the brick is poor abrasion resistance, bibulous rate is high, susceptible to stains pollution in the life.

5。 Try shop

not pick a brick laying on the ground, but random take at least four bricks together, to stand outside of the 2 m look carefully, see if between several brick color difference is bigger, flat-fell seam between the block and block is strict, flat, whether to have a newborn, become warped edge, finally people walk to walk a few steps, see if feet slip.

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