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The tile floor market has set off a trend of 'slimming'

by:JIABANG     2021-05-30
It is understood that the 'slimming' floor is also more 'slim' in terms of price. Flooring products of 250 yuan per square meter can be 10-20 yuan cheaper after 'slimming'. Floor slimming in the tiles' target='_blank'>decking tile market Since the beginning of this year, building materials brands have begun to 'slim down' one after another, hoping to win the favor of small apartment owners through the 'exquisite curve'. As the vanguard of the 'slimming familyFloor slimming: reducing costs Compared with ceramic tiles, the “slimming” process of flooring is more difficult. 'Because many consumers mistakenly think that'length, width, and thickness' is a sign of high-quality flooring, many brands are quite entangled in the issue of whether to'slim down' the flooring.' According to a person in charge of flooring, the quality of flooring is not pure Thickness is a comprehensive indicator of material, hardness, and production technology. Floor slimming fashion style in the decking tile market 'Currently, the thickness of solid wood floors sold on the market is mostly 18 mm.' According to another person in charge of flooring, in order to make the floor not easily deformed, the best width is 75-90 mm. If ordinary solid wood flooring exceeds this width, it needs to be 'increased' to ensure that it will not be deformed. The solid wood floor with a width of 90 mm can be reduced to about 15 mm through 'slimming'. If you maintain a body shape of 18 mm, the width of the 'slimming' floor can reach 125 mm. Tile slimming: Expanding the capacity of the floor market. Tile slimming movement catches up with the fashion style. At present, the 'measurements' of ordinary tiles on the market are between 10-12 mm, while the new products after 'slimming' are only about 5 mm, which is only one-third of ordinary tiles. One to one half. In terms of 'weightCompared with him, ordinary tiles of the same specification can be called 'super fat boyAccording to the person in charge of a ceramics brand, a slim figure is not only pleasing to the eye, but also can effectively save room space. 'A 5 square meter kitchen, replacing ordinary tiles with'slimming' tiles can save nearly 0.5 cubic meters of space.' The person in charge of another ceramic brand said that 'slimming' tiles are very suitable for small-sized living rooms, especially suitable for use. In small spaces such as bathroom and kitchen. 'The kitchen and bathroom of a small apartment are generally around 5-6 square meters, which can save more storage space.'
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