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The seven big problems of ceramic tile solutions

by:JIABANG     2020-10-20
Question 1: how ceramic tile look good or bad? Answer: can from the following aspects, 1. Measure diagonally, size is consistent, at the very least; 2, two brick fold together face to face, hands touch the edge, if a smooth uniform, if has the obvious crude feeling, shows it tile size error is bigger; 3, tap on a listen to the voice, the voice sound is better, the sound of turbid, explain porcelain degree difference, quality of a material relative to degeneration, the difficult to compare in the same brand, but you can try several more must recognize the difference between 4, behind the drop test, pay attention to the glazed tile behind suction is normal, but the faster that the more loose texture, conversely the tight quality the better; Bo changes a brick behind ooze water should be slowly or even not permeability; Penetration of bo changes a brick without consideration; 5, with different size of brick, the heavier the better, is simple, high density of brick texture more tight; 6, bo changes a brick, can draw a cross on the sample with a key, if there are no scratches that good quality, this article pay attention to secretly test, only have confidence in their ceramic tile merchants and easy to put you to test; Note: oh, just see a decking tile is hard to compare the good or bad, more than two different class, it is easy to find the gap. Question 2: about granite floor tiles is master? Or A level of good? A: each manufacturer have their own labeling method, now with A grade or letters AA, AAA comparison mess, markets or countries recognized or will be subject to master, grade A passing grade standard now. Ordinary domestic outfit have used classy article, a few to use grade a. Master and qualified difference is mainly reflected in the appearance quality and deformation range, such as surface spots, pinhole, etc. Question 3: outdoor wood deck tiles of different brands can use? Answer: different brand and specifications of the brick is can mix, the key is the transition of brick and harmonious collocation. The need and fully master designer and ceramic tile shop sticks to negotiate good, do a good job design. But, in general, from the Angle of coordination and cooperation, choose a brand is more a region as well. Question 4: a superfine powder brick on the market? What's the difference between ultramicro powder brick? Answer: the a series of superfine powder belongs to bo changes a brick, is a more exquisite craft kuangfen research more small, pressure of ceramic tile quality better. Is to identify common brick, bo changes a brick or superfine powder method is very simple: you'll have a look at the surface of the brick pattern whether rules, superfine powder brick surface decorative pattern is not very regular, the decorative pattern of each piece is different, if it is the same, is not a superfine powder. Question 5: now a lot of granite floor tiles of wall of combination, can mix? What's wrong? Answer: simply put, if choose glazed tile, floor tile can be used as a wall brick, brick wall brick can't local ( Bo changes a brick can be used as a wall brick and floor tile) ! Glazed wall tile bibulous rate is higher about 10%, and the bibulous rate of ground brick is much lower, the ground also should laid is bibulous the ground brick with low rate or bo changes a brick, the effect that such ceramic tile ability do not suffer lunt, do not induct besmirch. Attracts many wall brick is used in the ground, and permeate quality and color, also not easy to clean, so don't put the local brick wall brick. Question 6: ceramic tile before the shop is stuck to flooding? How long will dip? A: glazed wall tile in front of the shop is stuck need bubble water ( is generally not required) , the time of bubble water to completely submerged ceramic tile not bubbled time shall prevail, in general are twenty or thirty minutes, Suggestions can operate according to the specification of ceramic tile. Wall brick, because of the large bibulous rate if not immersed in the water in the cement layer will be absorbed by dry ceramic tile rapid solidification, ceramic tile glue rickety; If your post is bo changes a outdoor wood deck tiles is no flooding, because bo changes a brick is not bibulous, soaking or not matters little; Bubble brick also should have planned, can't soak too much at a time, because the blisters have ceramic tile is not return; Question 7: wouldn't shop sticks ceramic tile seam can? Too hard to clean up! Spread out is seamless seamless brick? Answer: ceramic tile shop sticks all need, seam is mainly due to prevent the heat bilges cold shrink and cause of ceramic tile decking tile is broken, and reduce the service life of ceramic tile. General floor tile of wall of 1 - seam 3 mm is ok, special effects can add seam distance. Even the seamless outdoor wood deck tiles, also is the need of seam, Don't be less than 1 mm) Because objects can have heat bilges cold shrink, standing seam preventing will be crowded broken brick in the future, so the tiles like railway tracks, each paragraph need to leave a gap, even seamless brick need!
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