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The selection method of ceramic tile is what

by:JIABANG     2020-08-08

to our understanding of the ceramic tile may not have too much, so how to choose and buy a good ceramic tile is a little knowledge, in order to let people might choose to good quality ceramic tile, below small make up and then introduce the selecting method of ceramic tile is what?

1, bibulous rate, wall and floor tiles with high quality, bibulous rate is low. of wall of when the choose and buy, if not indicate the bibulous rate, ceramic tile can be on the opposite face on the ground and sprinkle some water on the back of the tiles, by looking after a period of time the droplets discern the diffusion degree of ceramic tile quality: if the droplets spread rapidly, show bibulous rate is high, the ceramic tile quality is poorer.

2, than weight, pick up two pieces of different brands of ceramic tile, in the case of a similar size and thickness, lighter piece of poor quality, the heavy piece of ceramic tile is good outdoor wood deck tiles.

3, comparison, the ceramic tile on the market at present the price difference is very big, ranging from a few yuan of every square metre to postiche, the gap between the inner quality of outdoor ceramic tile but there was no price gap is so big. Though a penny a points goods, but also don't blindly superstition in prices, there is no need to blindly pursue more imported brands and expensive cost.

4, glaze, measurement testing to see if there is a scratch, if there is, says this kind of ceramic tile glazing is poorer, the surface of the glaze, after polishing brick surface soiled will not be able to clean. On the other hand, shows the glazed pottery glazing is better, wear resistant and practical.

5, try slippery degrees, the specific method is to make a few ceramic tile is flat on the floor, sprinkle some water, stepped on the above all feeling.

6, the color difference, the ceramic tile color difference is caused by the reason of the production process of ceramic tile card mia ceramic tile of the differences in the color and pattern.

what is the selection of ceramic tile method is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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