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The kitchen ceramic tile maintenance method have?

by:JIABANG     2020-09-01

the kitchen ceramic tile is a place for cooking, so the oil stain, and so on will be more, the kitchen also easy dirty, maintenance work is need to be, so the kitchen ceramic tile maintenance methods are there?

1. If you have the habit of daily cleaning, kitchen outdoor ceramic tile that can directly use detergent or soap, clean ceramic tile surface can be directly after cooking.

2, if ceramic tile luster is faded, can match with soap and water amount of ammonia and turpentine oil, clean with the mixture of ceramic tile, can restore its luster bright to outdoor ceramic tile.

3, if your kitchen is polishing outdoor wood deck tiles, 2 - it is in use After three months will be clean for a waxing, in this way can the glaze for shining brilliantly.

what are the kitchen ceramic tile maintenance method is introduced here, if you still want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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