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The hazards and inspection methods of tile 'empty drum'

by:JIABANG     2021-06-02
What are the hazards of 'empty drums' Many people disagree with tile inspection empty drums, and think they make a fuss, is that true? Tile empty drums must be harmful, otherwise they will not go out of industry standards. Let the editor tell you the common hazards of empty drums! 1. The tiles at the hollow drum are not stressed, and will easily break when they are exposed to large external forces in the future; 2. The hollow drum may cause the tiles to gradually expand in the future. Drum range, and finally the tiles will lift up or fall off; 3. Empty drums will cause difficulty in drilling the wall in the future, and easily break the tiles (for example, when you install water heaters, mirrors, pendants, cabinets, bathroom cabinets); 4. Empty Drums can cause water to accumulate and rot and smell inside the bathroom floor (the reason for the peculiar smell in many people’s bathrooms is this); 5. The empty drum reflects not only the appearance, but also the possibility of serious problems in the construction process (such as laying bricks). No haircut before). The 'empty drum' self-inspection method The empty drum detection method is very simple. Generally, the five-point percussion method is used: the five-point percussion method is a well-known method to check whether the tiles have empty drums. The specific method is to find a metal (The best tool is the drill bit of the electric drill on the construction site or your own key, a small stainless steel spoon is also acceptable), use it to hit the four corners and the center of the tile. If there are more than two of the above five points that make a hollow sound, then it can be explained that the tile is not really pasted, and there is an empty place in the middle, it should be peeled off and reposted. But it should be noted that the kitchen flue and the tiles on the wall covered with cement board are not suitable for this inspection method, because the wall itself is not solid, so no matter how you hit it, it will be a hollow drum.
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