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The ground the kinds of ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2020-08-17

we know that on the ground is decorated, generally choose ceramic tile to decorate, because we know the use effect of ceramic tile also is very good, so we in the ceramic tile of choose and buy when, also should combine their own home to the actual situation to choose and buy, so they are suitable for oneself the home inside, for everybody introduction about tile floor price? Use ceramic tile ground, ok?

the kinds of outdoor ceramic tile ground

1, the polishing brick

according to the understanding of polishing brick is the polished surface of adobe substrate that open system of a light brick, belong to the brick of a kind. Is relative to connect body brick and character, polishing brick surface more bright and clean.

2, Mosaic

the volume of the Mosaic is all sorts of ceramic tile of the small and medium-sized, commonly known as brick. Mosaic give a person a kind of nostalgic feeling, is to decorate the material of wall ground in the 1990 s.

3, connect body brick

the so-called refers to connect body brick, in cloth process, distribution in the press for the powder for the same kind of powder on the platens, firing of ceramic tile has everything from the bottom to the surface for the same pattern, it's the same colour.

4, bo changes a brick

in order to solve the problem of polishing brick appear easy dirty, there was a bo changes a brick. Bo changes a outdoor wood deck tiles is complete ceramic tile actually. Its surface is bright and clean but do not need polish again, so nonexistent polish hole problem. Polishing brick bo changes a outdoor wood deck tiles is a kind of aggrandizement, it USES high temperature fire and become, quality of a material is more hard than polishing brick more wear-resisting. No doubt, its price is also higher. Bo changes a brick basically is used in granite floor tiles.

5, glazed tile

glaze, as the name implies, is to use glaze glaze tile surface burn becomes, its main body could be divided into two kinds of clay and China clay, it is bibulous rate is in 3% ~ 10% of glazed wall tiles. Production technology, production process in general for the material, ingredients, crushing, heavy slurry, spray drying, compact molding, drying, glazing, sintering, testing and packaging and other steps. Of less than 5% of the ceramic tile, usually made of clay, quartz and feldspar burn becomes. Its production process and calculation, and similar to that of glazed tile.

7, parquet granite floor tiles

the parquet floor tile after cutting is to fire as the ceramic tile of assembled into all sorts of design adornment effect; Material: clay, quartz, feldspar fire; Production technology, production process in general for the material, ingredients, crushing, heavy slurry, spray drying, compact molding, drying, sintering and cutting, inspection and packaging and other steps.

the ground types of ceramic tile of choose and buy skills

a see: want to see the color and roughness. In general, the color of outdoor ceramic tile the clearer, the better, it did have a look at the pinhole to the naked eye, pinhole easy accumulation of stolen goods.

2: through to knock to hear the sound of density, ringing specification ceramic tile changes sound density and hardness tall, quality is good.

three sensors: in the field measurement. With a ruler or tape measure, ceramic tile edges and diagonal, check the size.

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