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The classification of ceramic tile - — Buy ceramic tile required course

by:JIABANG     2020-10-06
as domestic outfit building materials in an important and indispensable part of, more and more get the attention of people. is a kind of ceramic product, made of different material mixture of clay, after cutting the dehydration dry, then through high temperature pressure, made of different shape of brick plate. plate may be kept without any modification, rough surface, or on glaze, smooth surface of the ceramic tile. General of glazed tile, has the advantages of waterproof, wear-resisting, easy to clean, to damp or often needs to keep the space of health, the share such as kitchen, bathroom. classification actually have? Generally speaking, according to the different classification methods can be divided as follows: according to the material classification: one is to use clay fire, must burn glair for bibulous rate is higher. This kind of brick intensity is low, its are main the feature is rear color to red, now rarely used. Second, with porcelain clay fire, in pursuit of adornment effect also burned the glaze, this kind of decking tile structure density, high strength, bibulous rate is low, the fouling resistance is strong, its are main the feature is rear color is gray, a little higher than the clay firing of ceramic tile. Of China clay firing glazed pottery, is currently widely used in home decoration, there are 80% of all buyers use this kind of ceramic tile as ground decorates material. Note: the above the comparison of water absorption and intensity are relative, at present there are some ceramic glazed pottery of the water absorption and intensity is higher than porcelain glazed pottery. Is three stone material, decking tile is usually USES natural stone material, mostly natural marble and natural granite. Can effectively waterproof, prevent slippery, and convenient splicing, solid and reliable. According to the function classification, can be divided into the lumbar line brick and granite floor tiles, wall brick. : just as its name implies is the brick laying on the ground, according to the design and color is divided into imitation Spain outdoor wood deck tiles, bo to change polishing brick, glazed pottery, prevent slippery brick and ooze to spend polishing brick, etc. Wall brick: according to the design and color can be divided into bo changes a brick, printed wall brick. Lumbar line outdoor wood deck tiles, is printing brick more. In order to match the specifications of the wall brick, lumbar line brick is generally classified as 60 mm x 200 mm wide. According to the process can be divided into: glazed pottery, brick, polishing brick, bo changes a brick, ceramic Mosaic and color tile, etc. Glazed tile: refers to the brick surface burn brick with glaze layer. This kind of brick is divided into two categories: one is the use of clay firing; Another kind is made of porcelain clay fire. According to burnish different, glazed tile and can be divided into two categories, smooth and dumb smooth glazed pottery. Smooth glazed pottery, is suitable for manufacturing 'clean' the effect. Dumb smooth glazed pottery, is suitable for manufacturing 'vogue' the effect. Glazed tile is the most common brick in decorating, design colorful, anti-fouling ability. Connect body brick: this is not a glazed porcelain tiles, and the positive and negative material and colour and lustre is consistent, hence the name, also known as homogenous brick. Now has ooze to spend varieties such as body brick, but relatively speaking, design and color is not glazed pottery. Because interior design tend to plain coloured design, connect body brick is also more and more become a kind of fashion, are widely used with the footpath outdoor at hall hall, corridor, and decoration projects such as the ground. Of the specifications of the commonly used body brick, 300 mm * 300 mm, 400 mm * 400 mm, 500 mm * 500 mm, 600 mm * 600 mm, 800 mm * 800 mm, etc. Because the brick price moderate, is quite popular with consumers. Polishing brick, brick that becomes after polishing polishing brick, this kind of brick hardness is very high, very wear-resisting. But the disadvantage is that easy to get dirty. Bo changes a brick: is one of the most hard all ceramic tile. Bo changes a outdoor wood deck tiles is complete ceramic tile actually. The surface is bright and clean but do not need polishing, so nonexistent polish porosity. It is a kind of strengthening polishing brick, USES high temperature fire. Quality of a material is more hard than polishing brick more wear-resisting, sometimes polishing brick was scraping scratch, bo changes a brick is still intact. Defect is more monotonous colors. , doubtless, its price is also higher. Bo changes a brick basically is ground tile, commonly used specifications is 400 mm * 400 mm, 500 mm * 500 mm, 600 mm * 600 mm, 800 mm * 800 mm, 900 mm * 900 mm, 1000 mm * 1000 mm. New color tile on the market breaks through the original principle of ion penetration, according to this theory, the hair color of color tile is mainly rely on the soluble salt ions coloring, and are now known, ion hair type is limited and monotonous, dim color; The recent development of new penetration glaze is adopted or ooze to spend soluble salt ions and body for raw materials, the chemical reaction between can produce colorful special effects. This makes the color tile process to the next level.
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