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The ceramic tile of home how to match?

by:JIABANG     2020-07-29

in San Francisco, there is a famous Mosaic stairs, share more than 163 steps in 75000 and 2000 pieces of ceramic tile ceramic tile fragments, lenses etc. This a colorful Mosaic of stairs took two artists more than two years of time manually, painted a picture from the moon and stars to the dream world under the sea, stair is regarded as the most beautiful in the world, many netizens say the light feel beauty burst take a look at the pictures.

so, in our homes, ceramic tile can also apply so vivid? Below small make up with facts to tell you: you can! Understand the person that decorate, can always use ceramic tile properly ~

01, the multiple use of ceramic tile

ever use ceramic tile in the metope of the space is toilet and kitchen more, more good reason is that it is easy to clean. Now, ceramic tile is based on the variety of colors, rich patterns, complete functions, in domestic outfit now on the market, not only can the shop is stuck on the ground, metope, even has also been a lot of people used as space art accessories. The decorative effect of ceramic tile, only you thought, no can't do.

on the low wall down

ceramic tile can imitate stone, wallpaper, wood floor, but also hold up the hall, balcony, bedroom and kitchen. As the most basic function, on the wall above has been ceramic tile deduce astonishingly.

low cabinet desktop

as to optimize the function of ceramic tile, ceramic used in furniture decoration, gradually become the article such as table, mesa, cabinets, tables and chairs the adornment of the surface material. Made from ceramic tile decorative panels, not only can reproduce texture, wood, stone and other physical properties are more stable and safer.

low art accessories

setting wall ceramic tile, ceramic tile inkjet age has can do any design and color on the ceramic tile, after do you want any flat surface decoration, can be completely implemented in ceramic tile.

02, outdoor ceramic tile shop with 3 q

what is the difference between low floor tile and wall brick?

floor tile is a kind of ground adornment material, specification variety, strong, compression wear-resisting, prevent moisture. Wall brick is used in the ceramic tile of metope adornment, bibulous rate is higher than that of granite floor tiles, floor tile of wear-resisting degree is less than, but its design and color is very rich, can bring different visual effect to metope.

low brick wall brick why sometimes will soon fall off?

in the brick wall brick made from cement mortar adhesive, wall outdoor wood deck tiles bibulous rate is large, if the water has not been soaked in advance, porous ceramic brick after the shop is stuck is to absorb the moisture in the cement mortar. Cement in curing process requires a lot of water, because water loss becomes not stick relay, no strength, brick fall off from the wall with cement mortar.

low why shop sticks ceramic tile seam?

ceramic tile seam, on the one hand, can eliminate the effects of product size deviation, on the other hand to avoid heat bilges cold shrink, cause mutual extrusion products, lead to summon up or splitting. Generally seamless brick seam should be in 1 - 1. 5 mm, but can not be less than 1 mm. And ordinary ceramic tile, in 2 - roughly 3 mm.

03, ceramic tile choice take an examination of imagination

, when many people choose ceramic tile to northern Europe, modern and serene easy-going day type style. The style is concise and lively, comfortable low-key, from modern architecture and design style, this is almost the mainstream of dozens of hundreds of years.

, when many people choose ceramic tile to northern Europe, modern wind. The style is concise and lively, from modern architecture and design style, this is almost the mainstream of dozens of hundreds of years.

but sometimes, concise line is long, but like a personalized decorative pattern; Sometimes, high cold white, light yellow to see much, but is like some elegant colors.

this one using 3 d multi-channel ceramic tile of ink-jet printing technology, warm and soft texture, surface, all kinds of flowers is like telling the spring says, natural colour weave, make a space pure and fresh and natural.

choose ceramic tile doorways are many, many style put one label is just for the sake of easy to recognize. But the best style, or inner pursuit of everyone ~

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