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by:JIABANG     2021-05-05

Many people are troubled by the difficulty of removing dirt on tiles. This is the same as accidentally staining a piece of oil on brightly colored clothes. It is hard to let go of it. So, why did the tiles in your home become bloated? How can we effectively protect the decking tile and make it last as new? In this regard, the editor will introduce how to maintain the tiles.

Part1: Vitamin C is a good helper for anti-corrosion on tiles

Humidity in the kitchen and bathroom is inevitable, and it will leave rust on the tiles near the water pipe. In fact, rust can be prevented or removed.

Frequently asked questions: scale and rust are difficult to clean

Water pipes in kitchens and bathrooms often use water. Over time, ceramic tiles are prone to yellow rust when they are behind the pipes or in places where water is often encountered. Difficult to clean due to stains or scales.

Solution: Use vitamin C to scrub.

Tips for maintenance: rust prevention starts with protection

Tip 1: For easy Anti-rust agent or professional rust remover can be used on tiles behind rusty water pipes to prevent rust and remove rust.

Coup 2: Partially polish, coat, apply grease and anti-rust oil to the ceramic tiles that are prone to rust to prevent rust.

Part2: Acidic cleaner to prevent oil and stains on tiles

The prevention of oil stains in the kitchen is undoubtedly the use of tiles, provided that you do not use poor-quality tiles. Because the density of firing porcelain is not enough, it will permeate water and absorb oil stains, leading to greater problems!

Common problem: oil stains are difficult to clean

The kitchen is the most greasy place, and it is inevitable that the tiles on the kitchen have oil stains, especially the thick layer at the gaps. Difficult to remove oil stains.

Solution: Acidic cleaners can help

It is useless to remove the oil on the tiles for a long time. If there is oil on the tiles or crevices It is really thick, first use a shovel to clean it, or use a steel wire ball to clean it first. After it is thinned, you can clean it with acidic or dissolved ingredients.

Maintenance tips: Material selection and installation are the key.

Tip 1: Use vitrified tiles in the kitchen and other places with serious oil pollution, which has good oil resistance and visual effects.

Coup 2: Paste oil-repellent stickers on the tiles with heavier oil stains, use a beautifying agent in the gaps of the tiles, and apply them to the joints of the tiles, which is beautiful and resistant to oil stains.

Part3: Sanitary anti-soap-scaling brush and hydrochloric acid are all on the battle

In daily life, people often use soap to wash their hands to keep their hands clean, but improperly placed soap will Make the tiles leave yellow soap stains and soap stains.

Frequently asked questions: soap stains on bathroom tiles

A small amount of soap is most likely to be left in the places where soap is often used in the bathroom, which will cause soap stains on the tiles in the bathroom, especially Dirt that has not been cleaned for a long time is more difficult to remove.

Solution: Combine the brush with hydrochloric acid.

For the soap dirt on the tiles, you can rinse it with warm water first, so that the soap dirt is partially dissolved, and then use a brush to gently wipe it off. In addition, sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid solutions can also be used. Drop it on the outdoor wood deck tiles surface, let it stand for a few minutes and then wipe it, taking care to protect your hands.

Maintenance tips: cleaning frequently is the most important thing

Tip 1: The stains left by soap can be avoided, only need to pay attention to daily cleaning to avoid long-term soap stains on the tiles Leaves stains that are difficult to remove.

Coup 2: The tiles in the corners of the bathroom can be coated with a layer of antifouling agent, which can better avoid soap stains.

Part4: Be careful not to scratch the tiles, but also prevent damage

After the tiles are stained, the first way to deal with it is definitely to use a brush If you really do this, it will leave the tiles with “scars” that are difficult to repair!

Common problem: hard objects scratched and bruised

In order to remove the stains on the tiles in time, everyone will definitely use iron wire balls to decontaminate and scratch the glaze, or use strong acid to clean Cleaner, but it is often found that the tiles are more uglier than before cleaning.

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