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Prevent slippery floor tile, ok?

by:JIABANG     2020-04-21
< / p > < p > prevent slippery floor tile is good < / p > < p > 1, first of all, it is a kind of ceramic granite floor tiles, the surface has a fold or bump, this can increase the floor and friction, the bottom of your feet to prevent slippery effect, are often used in the bathroom and the kitchen floor. < / p > < p > 2, secondly, its types are many, such as our common body brick, glazed brick, bo changes a brick, polishing brick. Among them, connect body brick is a kind of glazed porcelain tiles, has the very good skid resistance. Glazed pottery clay, intensity is very high, the glaze surface. Bo changes a brick is the high temperature burn becomes,, high hardness, waterproof and moistureproof. < / p > < p > 3, the style is numerous, the color is novel, not only have very good adornment effect, but also has a strong comfortable and lightweight advantages of abrasion resistance, long service life, therefore, to protect the safety of his family, is an ideal material to floor tile. < / p > < p > < / p > < p > < / p > < / p > < p > prevent slippery brick is what? What is prevent slippery brick tile? Prevent slippery brick is a kind of floor tile of pottery and porcelain, positive with fold stripes or concave and convex point, in order to increase the friction of the soles of the feet or sole granite floor tiles surface and the human body, prevent sliding down. The most common used for water often places, such as between bath and kitchen, prevent slippery floor tile can greatly improve the safety, especially suitable for the elderly and children of the family. < / p > < p > the use of the prevent slippery brick, prevent slippery brick not only has the characteristics of anti-skid, at the same time, with no odor, non-toxic, no radiation environmental characteristics, widely used in shopping mall, subway, schools, hospitals, factories, enterprises and institutions such as the adornment of metope, ground. < / p > < p > < / p >
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