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Pay attention to brick paving and be careful to bury hidden safety hazards

by:JIABANG     2021-05-20
1. Ground pretreatment. According to the condition of the rough house floor, use 1:3 cement mortar for paving and scraping. The bottom layer should be flat and level, and the position of the drain should take a certain inclination. But it does not need to be too smooth. After the bottom layer has been maintained and dried, it can be laid and constructed.  2, decking tile pretreatment. In order to prevent the floor tiles from absorbing dirt during the construction process (especially polished tiles), it is best to carry out anti-fouling treatment first (the polished tiles are generally painted with anti-fouling wax before they leave the factory). For pottery bricks and stoneware bricks, they should be soaked in clean water for 10 to 30 minutes in advance, and then dried vertically for later use. For porcelain (especially large-size tiles), it can be wetted with water.   3. Spring line pre-arrangement. After the ground floor is processed, according to the size of the ceramic tiles and the way of arranging the tiles, the horizontal and vertical brick seams will be popped up. Generally, they will start from the doorway first, and arrange the non-whole tiles in an inconspicuous position as much as possible. And every 3-4 meters, insert wooden nails marked for paving and debugging at the position of the brick joints as a sign.  4, tiling. Use cement of grade 450 or higher to make 1:1.5 cement mortar with suitable moisture content, or pure cement mortar with 5% 107 glue, wipe it evenly on the back of the decking tile, and paste it on the wall with the line drawn. Then use a rubber hammer or a small wooden hammer to gently and evenly beat the outdoor wood deck tiles surface to the same height as the wooden nail.   5. Jointing. Polished tiles generally use seamless paving. When paving, the cement slurry should avoid the displacement of the brick joints. If there is cement slurry overflowing the brick surface, it should be wiped clean with a cloth in time. For seam paving, after 2-3 days of maintenance, use a smooth bamboo stick dipped in black cement grout or special caulking agent (generally do not use white cement), and fill it evenly until it is 70% full and form a concave arc.   6. surface protection. After the floor tiles are laid, a layer of plastic film paper should be laid on the surface, and then a layer of fiberboard or thick paper should be placed on the surface for protection.
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