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How to remove the oil on the ceramic tile?

by:JIABANG     2020-10-12
is very long period of time prone to big yellow scale, the scale is formed by running water, tap water because there are a lot of calcium and magnesium salts, such as compound, and air contact likely to respond to form yellow sediment, the sediment is scale. Next to introduce the ceramic tile on the scale of small tips and how to remove the oil on the ceramic tile. on the scale of small coup 1, acidic solution method can be mixed with a small amount of acid solution and water, and then apply with the brush brush, rinse immediately with water. 2, professional cleaners method can use dishcloth touchs cleaner to remove scale, if scale area is larger, can use broom with proper cleaner is wiped, finally, rinse with water. 3, clean lavatory spirit lavatory spirit while the corrosive method, but the decontamination effect is good, can the lavatory spirit, scale surface spray again five minutes later, with a brush with water wash. How to remove the oil on the ceramic tile 1, dissolving method of caustic soda with temperature above 80 degrees hot water at 5 - 10% solution, scrub brush touch solution, can be removed. 2, swab with waste toothbrush with concentrated hydrochloric acid pickling method, can be removed. But whether in alkali or acid cleaning should pay attention to safety protection, do not make the solution in contact with skin, should pay attention to protect good nose and mouth and eyes. 3, sodium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide with warm water, brush with the brush, but be careful not to touch the skin, burns, for difficult to remove, cover with dishcloth touchs waste caustic soda water for a while, don't be operated by hand or wear rubber gloves. 4, toothpaste toothpaste has a strong cleaning effect, ready to toothpaste, then find an old toothbrush, to squeeze toothpaste on the toothbrush, then along the ceramic tile to brush a brush, then wipe with wet cloth. Small make up summary: scale small tips about tiles and decking tile on how to remove the oil is introduced here, hope to be of help,
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