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How to match yellow tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-04-20

   Many people choose yellow tiles in order to make the home warmer when buying tiles, but I know that yellow tiles are not so easy to control. Let’s briefly explain how to match yellow tiles. It looks good! (Yellow tiles)

   1. When laying yellow tiles, they should be light and dark in the top, light colors feel light, and dark colors heavy. The color of the room should be lighter and darker. You might as well paint the roof and walls in light colors such as white and beige, the wall skirts will be darker, and the furniture will be darker. This gives people a very stable and harmonious feeling.

   2. Pay attention to the direction of the sun, and bright light colors should be used for the east and north facing rooms lacking sunlight. Cool colors are applied to the south-facing and west-facing rooms with long sunshine.

  3. According to the function of color selection, it is a good choice to use neutral colors such as milky white, beige and beige in the living room. The bedroom should not use bright red, bright yellow and other colors that stimulate nerves, and do not use too dark, cold and other depressing colors. The kitchen and bathroom are covered with light and bright tiles, giving people a clean and clean feeling. Orange has the effect of stimulating food, so you can make full use of it in the eating area.

  4. If you want to have a TV background wall at home, match it with yellow tiles, which can be beige or slightly darker yellow with the same color as the floor tiles; if you like a fresh style ,You can use light green. If these colors are mixed together, it will look quite harmonious, and it will be more eye-protecting and more comfortable when watching TV.

   It can be said that yellow tiles are still quite popular with modern young people, but in many cases, they must be restricted according to your decoration style. If you want to know more related content, please continue to pay attention to our official website ! Finally, thank you for watching! See you in the next issue! (Yellow tiles)


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