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How to make a floor tile 'excellent'

by:JIABANG     2020-04-18
Spots < p > floor after it is difficult to eradicate the problem of confusion with many people, it is with colorful dress carelessly on oily be soiled, together make it difficult to let go. This is because, you why tile floor of the 'face' flower at home? How reasonable and effective to protect the floor tile, make it like new after many days? < / p > < p > a: floor tile prevent rust. Good helper of vitamin C. The moisture content in the dining-room kitchen, shower is inevitable, it is because near water pipe on the floor is very easy to have rust, it is to avoid the also can remove rust. Common problem: < / p > < p > scale dirt rust is difficult to remove. Dining-room kitchen and shower water pipe often need water, time grows, or behind the water pipe is often encounter water place, floor tile is very easy to form yellow rust or scale dirt, it is difficult to clean. < / p > < p > the solution: friction with vitamin C. Tile floor against rust can be cleaned with 2% oxalic acid solution to clear, and then clean with clear water. Also can use the 3 - After 4 grain of vitamin C tablets ground to a powder, scattered on the surface of floor tile, need after friction with water several times, also can remove rust stains. < / p > < p > small maintenance tips: start with protection anti rust. 1: very easy to rust is behind the water pipe of the floor tile can use anti-rust oil or professional rust remover, in order to prevent rusts and remove rust. Tips 2: part of floor tile of rust on easy polishing processing, laminating, coating methods such as oil, rust-proof oil to prevent rust. < / p > < p > 2: acidic cleaner. Floor tile prevent oil and anti-fouling. Dining-room kitchen method to avoid oily be soiled outdoor ceramic tile, is undoubtedly the premise condition is the floor tile can't use the poor quality of products. This is because the density of porcelain is insufficient, can waterproof, oil absorption, can lead to bigger problems form! < / p > < p > common problem: oil is difficult to remove. Dining-room kitchen is the most serious place oily be soiled, dining-room kitchen floor tile with oily be soiled is inevitable, especially in is gaps and a thick layer of it is difficult to remove oil stains. < / p > < p > the solution: acidic cleaner to help. In view of the long-term residue in the oil stains on the floor, it is no use only from the separate remove oily be soiled, if on the floor or a grease stain on clearance is very thick, really use shoveled down first, or with steel ball cleaning a first down, got thin, can use an acid or compounds dissolve detergent for cleaning. < / p > < p > small maintenance tips: select material installation is very important. Coup 1: in a restaurant kitchen oil stains such as serious place USES bo changes a brick, prevent oil effect is very good, visual effect is very good. Tips 2: in the oily be soiled serious stickers paste on the floor tile prevent oily be soiled, tile floor in the gap in the beauty of seam an agent, paint floor tile juncture place, is beautiful and resistant to oil. < / p > < p >
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