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How to lay the aisle tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-29

In some large-sized houses, there will definitely be a corridor. This part is also very important when decorating. It can improve the grade of the whole house, so you can put more effort on the tiles in the corridor. , The next thing I want to introduce to you is the effect of the corridor tile paving. You can learn from here and then build your own corridor. Go and take a look.

Natural and simple 'diamond-shaped paving'

Compared with horizontal paving, there are more changes, less loss than parquet, economical and practical, with changeable styles of rhombic paving. , Has always been loved.

Diagonal diamond-shaped paving: The simplest diamond-shaped paving is to use two different color tiles to mix diagonally to make the square tiles visually form a diamond-shaped effect.

Single-sided rhombus: You can cut dark tiles into long strips and lay them directly into the 'sides' of the rhombus, supplemented by wave line decoration.

Bilateral rhombus: Two-color tiles are combined to form the 'side' of the rhombus, making the overall space brighter.

Overlapping rhombus: If you don't care about the loss of tiles, you can also consider using two tiles to make a two-color rhombus to form a superimposed effect and a stronger three-dimensional effect.

Lace rhombus: Make more combined patterns on the sides, corners or inside of the rhombus, with complex craftsmanship and exquisite effects.

Displacement dot pattern fresh air

Displacement paving and dot matrix are also two popular laying schemes.

The simplest lattice type is suitable for long and narrow aisles. The lattice is located in the middle of the aisle, at the center or diagonally of the tiles.

The dislocation shop is more suitable for pastoral style, antique style or American style, and the effect is more lively.

Multiple 'points' should pay more attention to color and tile specifications.

The staggered 'geometry' is more three-dimensional

The combination paving that goes beyond the limitations of the Founder, appears with more flexible and changeable shapes, and brings strong visual tension.

Specifications vs. irregular colors, different visual styles:

Different textures are interlaced, and tiling is also delicate.

'Color block' jumps to 'black and white match'

The dark and light tiles are not mixed with specifications, abandoning excessive decoration, simple and natural.

If you want a stylish effect, black and white seems to always be the right choice.

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