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How to clean wall tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-31

   Before the Spring Festival, in order to create an atmosphere of removing the old and welcoming the new, everyone will clean the home, but the tiles are the most difficult part to clean. I will introduce some ways to clean the tiles. (Wall tiles)

   For general stains, you can use a soft dry cloth to treat. When you encounter stains that must be cleaned with water, it is recommended to use a damp cloth to wring dry and do not drip to clean it. After cleaning, it is best to immediately open the doors and windows to allow air to circulate, and to dry the water vapor on the tiled walls. In the humid summer, you can wipe it again with a dry cloth, and then turn on the air conditioner to dehumidify.

   The oil on the kitchen wall in summer is not easy to clean. For this reason, if the oil on the tiles or crevices is really thick, you can shovel it with a shovel or clean it with a steel ball. After the stain becomes thinner, use a cleaning agent that contains acid or dissolved ingredients to clean it.

   Paste oil-proof stickers on the tiles contaminated by heavy oil, and use beautiful stitching agent on the joints of the tiles. It is suitable for the joints of the tiles, which is both beautiful and oil-resistant.

   In the hot summer weather, the utilization rate of the bathroom is greatly improved, which will also cause soap dirt to accumulate on the bathroom wall. Because the tile soap dirt can be washed with warm water first, the soap dirt can be partially dissolved, and then used Wipe it off gently with a brush. In addition, you can also use sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid solution, drop it on the surface of the outdoor wood deck tiles, sit still for a few minutes and wipe it.

   can avoid the stains left by soap. After taking a shower every day, the soap on the wall can be wiped clean in time. In addition, the tiles in the corners of the bathroom can be coated with antifouling agents, which can effectively avoid soap. dirt.

   The water pipes in the house and the tile wall behind the faucet are easy to rust, which is ugly and affects the beauty. The rust on the tiles can be cleaned with oxalic acid solution, and then wiped with clean water. In addition, you can grind vitamin tablets into a powder, sprinkle it on the surface of the tile, and then wipe it with water several times to remove rust.

   For water pipes that are easy to rust, you can use anti-rust agent or professional rust remover on the back tile to prevent rust and remove rust. In addition, partially polished, coated, oiled, and anti-rust tiles can also be used. Oil and other methods of preventing rust.


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