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How to choose tiles carefully to avoid being cheated?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-06

   In order to buy the right tiles, in addition to professional knowledge, you must be careful. The quality of tiles has a great influence on the overall effect of home improvement. Here is how to buy tiles so that you will not be deceived.

  1. The wall tiles of the inferior kitchen and bathroom are usually eliminated from the price point, rather than tiles in the general sense. Therefore, it cannot be measured by the standard of ceramic tiles. The price of such tiles is average. A piece of more than 10 yuan can be used, don't consider a piece of a few dollars. Floor tiles of 800mm×800mm can not be used if the price is less than 70 yuan. Such tiles are generally used for low-end tooling. Although these low-priced tiles are not much different from ordinary tiles on the surface, in fact, their color difference, flatness, hardness, and water resistance are not good enough. After two years of pasting, the porcelain will appear to fall. , Hollowing, cracks, seepage and various problems.  2. Choose bright or matte tiles according to your preferences.    Under the premise of ensuring the quality of the tiles, the choice of wall tiles depends on personal preference. Choose the appropriate wall tiles according to your own decoration style. Wall tiles in specialty stores are generally equipped with the same 300mm×300mm floor tiles and matching waistline. If there is no guidance from a professional designer, it is recommended to buy products of the same series. Pay attention to the joints between the wall and the floor when pasting, otherwise the effect will be greatly reduced. When choosing floor tiles, many consumers will be fooled by professional terms such as full polished glaze, half polished glaze, antique, polished, underglaze, microcrystalline stone and so on. In fact, these are all production processes, and the owner only needs to Decide whether to choose bright or matte tiles. Normal bright tiles or matte tiles are seamlessly spliced, while antique tiles need to be laid with seams.  3. Inspect the quality of ceramic tiles   It is impossible for ordinary owners to bring professional testing equipment when buying ceramic tiles, so when choosing ceramic tiles, they can only 'see, smell and ask.'   First of all, consumers need to bring a pen with ink, and then put a drop on the front and back of the outdoor wood deck tiles you choose. If you don't let it drop, don't buy it. Good bricks have poor water penetration, and ink will not penetrate into the bricks. If the ink spreads quickly or if it stays for a while and wipes off to leave marks, then such bricks cannot be bought.   Then look at the cross-section. The cross-section is fine and smooth without bubbles and noise, which is a good tile.  Later, place the tiles flat on the ground and rub your feet with your feet. The ones that are stagnant are good ones, and the ones that are slippery are not. Inferior ones are slippery even if they are pockmarked.  4. Choose the color under natural light.    When choosing the color of the tiles, be sure to place them outside the store under natural light. The color will be much different from that under the light. The texture of many details and the transparency of the glazed surface are not obvious under the light of good bricks and poor bricks, and they can be seen clearly under natural light. If the economy permits, we still recommend first-line brands, such as Marco Polo, Dongpeng, Mona Lisa, Jin Yi Tao, Summit, and Bode, without worrying about quality.  5. Other precautions   The effect of tiles has a lot to do with the technique of paving. Good cement sand and good bricklayers can increase the grade of bricks in a straight line. Buy 325 or 425 cement within 3 months of leaving the factory. In addition to the joints of the tiles, pay attention to the cutting of the sleeve and the height difference. The tiles should be touched and the joints should be smooth. Remember that a bricklayer who does not rely on a ruler is not a good bricklayer.   I will introduce how to buy ceramic tiles so as not to be deceived. If you want to know more, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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