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How to choose marble tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-07-23
How to choose marble tiles? Modern style decoration is inseparable from marble tiles, but how to choose marble tiles? Today, the editor will tell you about this issue. 1. Choose according to style and budget. There are a lot of marble tile products on the market. Faced with diverse products, it is recommended that the industry mainly combines the style requirements of their own home improvement and the actual budget to choose the most suitable one, instead of having to worry about some conceptual gimmicks Pay more. Second, the identification method of high-quality products 1. Look at the product texture: good marble tiles are transparent and thick, with clear layers, touch the surface of the product, and feel warm and smooth, as delicate as a baby's skin, with unevenness, every marble tile will be like a natural stone The texture and tactile effect are the reason why marble tiles are light and not slippery. 2. Look at the color of the product: At present, most companies are limited to gray-yellow marble tiles due to technical limitations. The texture and color transition of the high-quality marble tile products is natural, without a sense of rigidity. 3. Look at the texture of the product: high-quality marble tiles are almost exactly the same as natural marble. When purchasing marble tiles, you can carefully check the texture of the product to see if the texture is natural and beautiful. 4. Look at the effect of paving: When purchasing marble tiles, consider the continuity and integrity of the large-area paving. The color and pattern of marble tiles are the restoration of natural stone, but the integrity of natural marble is not possessed by tiles, because the texture of each piece of natural marble is different, so different paving will have an effect, so, good The marble tiles of China are not only good in single-piece appearance, but also have changes, so that the overall effect of paving will have a sense of integrity and no repetition. The above is the article on how to choose marble tiles from the editor. I hope it will be helpful to those friends who are about to renovate.
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