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How to choose good kitchen ceramic tile?

by:JIABANG     2020-09-02

the kitchen is the place that we cook a meal, often there will be water spill, so be sure to buy prevent slippery ceramic tile, as for the ceramic tile color choice, basically see the owner's decorate a style, by now the kitchen ceramic tile color diversity, absolute can meet your any demand, of course, the premise is the money.

recently the small size ceramic tile in the kitchen is more popular than the past. Many people find square of small size ceramic tile can make many unexpected changes, it is ideal for a small area of the kitchen wall, some of them only 5 to 13 cm in size. Small outdoor wood deck tiles can also be used as a decoration, the effect is very good. In order to highlight the effect of change kitchen space, brunet ceramic tile is no longer the only choice. When the kitchen is commonly, light color ceramic tile is conducive to expand the field of vision, and has become more and more popular. One of the most popular color is pure white. It doesn't even need any pattern or twill or dark flower. It can be decorated with various color lines and flowers, bright and fashionable feeling. Shallow blue tiles, such as light blue, apple green and light purple is also very popular, they are usually covered by white outdoor ceramic tile.

the kitchen can choose a set of fine ceramic tile, use plain coloured wall decoration, as a housewife cooking add a cheerful and lively atmosphere. The fancy of outdoor ceramic tile on the market at present most of the imported from Europe. Some of them focus on art and fashion style, while others focus on interesting nature of all things. In general, a six, ten or twelve pieces has its unique personality. Tile ceramic tile is not only, but also the atmosphere of art. Spend hundreds of thousands of dollars or even thousands of yuan to buy back a few ceramic tile art seamless connection to your kitchen space, is a picture.

when choosing a ceramic tile, a tile decoration ideas is more important. Simple brick wall looks very beautiful alone: background, pattern is bright. Can be repeated densely placed behind the wall, often make a person dazzling, desultorily, too strong visual impact. Therefore, the ceramic tile choice also need to decorate as the starting point. Consumers can also follow the merchant's model, or according to the idea of you professional Suggestions to the merchants. More and more enterprises to provide the consulting services. If the kitchen area is smaller, and hopes the purse is not injured, can choose ceramic tile of brand of domestic a gleam of.

to buy ceramic tile ceramic tile of brand of the most important thing is to buy, a few small manufacturers rely on low cost of production play a crazy price war. Insatiable moment, bought a small factory not abrasion resistant ceramic tile, outdoor wood deck tiles surface peeling a year later, transverse crack, crack. Spend money on the relay brick, on the other hand, has laid a good variety of electric power, gas is not easy to move; Second, the noise of the second decoration shocked the whole family dog and chicken. The most terrible is, a few small manufacturers to reduce costs, products not environmental protection, the spread on the wall, on the ground & other; Other & throughout; Threat to people's health every day. Therefore, we suggest that consumers still choose brand outdoor wood deck tiles. Please pay attention to comprehensive information based materials.

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