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How much does it cost to pave tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-04-25

   Tile is a necessary building material in our decoration process. Therefore, the decking tile products on the market are also dazzling, and the prices vary. Owners who plan to buy ceramic tiles will inevitably wonder, how much does it cost to lay the tiles? Let's briefly talk about it below.

  1. How much is the decoration tile price per square meter, including the price of the decking tile.    If the decorator is required to bear the labor + accessories + ceramic tiles, the cost of tiling will inevitably be higher. The general price is more than 60 yuan (the cost is mainly based on your choice of tile specifications, brand and quality. The better the quality of the selected tiles, the higher the price.   2. How much is the decoration tile price per square meter does not include the price of the tile tile We buy it ourselves, and only let the decorating party provide labor and accessories (cement, river sand). The cost is between 40-48 yuan / (the specific price is based on the current labor and material costs. Yes, the bigger the decoration company is, the higher the cost will be, but the quality may not be better. The big company will take over your decoration or hand it over to the decoration team.)   3. In addition to the tiling prices of the first and second modes, there is another mode that we only find people to do the tiling work. The tiles and accessories are provided by us, and only the tiling labor is required. The current price of the tiling labor The average is: 30-35 yuan/square meter.  As for the general cost of laying tiles, I will introduce here. I hope it will be helpful to you. For more tile issues, please look forward to the tile brand.

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