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Floor tile how to choose?

by:JIABANG     2021-01-22

in general, decorate now has to advance on the ground laid floor tile, but because of the types of the floor tile on the market is more, so it is rather difficult to select up to, from quality, price and so on many aspects to consider is to think of a lot of things, this small make up just to say how to choose the simple granite floor tiles, and see if I can help to you! ( )

1。 polishing brick

polishing outdoor wood deck tiles is a kind of belong to the brick. Quality light, thin, hard wear-resisting brick, but for making grinding hole, easy to hide the dirt ( Before delivery to antifouling layer) 。 Applicable scope is quite widespread, including a sitting room, bedroom, balcony, exterior walls, but because of the special toilet and kitchen use so it is not suitable for this kind of decking tile, but also as a reminder, polishing brick is easy to sway too bright eyes, daily cleaning to do, do not have & other Take water & throughout; In the case.

2。 inferior smooth brick

this compared with the polished tile, ceramic tile, light pollution is not pollution, but is not easy to clean, laying more refined effect. Hutch defends, balcony, Daylighting is bad don't use, such as dark defend dark kitchen) , cleaning is very convenient, if is to use a kitchen often people will know this kind of ceramic tile is the best treatment, but it still need to warm reminder, ok one phase modulation weight when buying a inferior smooth outdoor wood deck tiles, brick of the same size, heavier than the lighter the better.

3。 glazed tile

the color of the glazed tile design is rich, anti-fouling ability is strong, the light clean, matte fashion, mainly cheap, there are two kinds of porcelain and ceramic. The applicable scope is quite widespread, mainly is suitable for the bathroom, kitchen, ceramic is suitable for the walls. , of course, also belong to the Mosaic glazed pottery, when buying a glazed tile main check the manufacture date, grade and color number, home after a stand.

4。 bo changes a outdoor wood deck tiles

surface is bright and clean, like glass. Abrasion resistance pollution, it is easy to get dirty, and does not prevent slippery. In sitting room, hallway where laid this kind of decking tile is quite good, still want to remind here, to protect the brick, manufacturers usually in bo changes a brick surface wax, whether the surface of the brick is misty, fingers touch, will have fingerprints, so buy more insurance.

this is about the relevant contents of decking tile the floor in this period and would like to know more related content welcome to continue to pay attention to our website! Here are the most authoritative information, welcome to continue to focus on our website, finally thank you for watching! ( )

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