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Drilling ceramic tile?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-13

interior decoration, the most trouble is shop sticks ceramic tile, but more trouble than shop sticks ceramic tile ceramic tile of the punch, the skill, however, and often must be played, like in the toilet, after all, a place like this, such as channels through drilling operation, if there is no play will have great influence to decorating, so what is the correct method of ceramic tile drilling? Below small make up is simple to explain tile drilling method.

outdoor ceramic tile drilling method

1. have to punch a hole with good location, where to stand will punch of ceramic tile first marker pen mark good location ( Had better choose paste) , and packing tape, so much more clear to the location of the construction to see you!

2。 The next step is to use a hammer and the sample ( No large steel nails are available, and remember to also calls the masonry nail of steel nails, and cannot use nails) Out of the diameter of about 2 - the markup 3 mm smaller, make ceramic tile surface enamel, this step is important to note, if you too hard, it is possible to make the ceramic tile to fail, not worth!

3。 Choose the required diameter drill bit mount impact hammer, vertical alignment points and give appropriate pressure to start the impact hammer, feeding shoulds not be too large, slow to force can smoothly through the ceramic tile. After being through the ceramic tile can give direct force into the required depth;

4。 The last step is relatively simple, after these steps are done, just need to select the appropriate expansion pipe buried objects with screws can be installed and will be required. After all set to put these pipes and so on in!

all in all, the ceramic tile or punch a hole a little technical content, if ability not so confident about their construction, small make up suggest that it is best to ask workers to solve, so just a bit more stable, want to know more related content, welcome to continue to focus on the website! Finally thank you for watching! The next issue we goodbye!

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